malaysian hospitality

Malaysian hospitality in the sky

Malaysian Hospitality….

If you want to discover Malaysian hospitality before entering Malaysia, use Malaysia Airlines System. Malaysian Airlines System or MAS is airlines that received most awards for best cabin staff compared to other airlines company in the world. Other airlines could really benefit from a hospitality management course put on by the Malaysia Airlines System.

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gold necklace

Traveling with jewelry…

Did you wear necklaces, gold ring, bracelets, pendants..while traveling? Of course because we are women…

But it is best to leave your precious diamond and golds at home. Wear only the fashion jewelry, gold plated or swarovsky crystal.

At least when you already on a flight home, you don’t feel frustrated if you find your ring not at your finger. Anything could happen in the public, snatch thief or left behind at the hotel room.

Furthermore if you bring the precious jewelry, you must bring it along 24/7. Even the hotel safes don’t really safe for you.

This gold plated Jennifer’s Wishbone Necklace only $39.00

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bali greetings

Traveling and Greetings..

Bali – Om Swastyastu greeting, pic from Mio Cade flickr.

When we traveling, we greet people. Greetings people are among the first thing we do during travel. Handshake is acceptable form of greetings globally.

In Malaysia, handshake is the form of greetings. No rhythm or style. Just shake your hand. Usually local man don’t shake hand with the muslim women and that is easily understand here. But in business or working environment, foreigners who offers hands for greeting any Malaysian women is acceptable. Malaysia is modern and moderate society.

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Terrapuri – ‘Lost Kingdom’ boutique resort…

TERRAPURI Heritage Village, located in Kampung Mangkuk, Setiu, Terengganu will soft-open on June 1.

From readings, this resort is surely can be described as heritage building and also closed to a eco type resort. The building architecture are based from Terengganu Old Malay Palace architecture.

It is said that the owner actually buy the authentic houses in Terengganu and preserved them to make this resort. Its feature 29 antique hundred years old Classic Houses.

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malaysia international shoe festival 2011

April – Time for a new shoes…


Because on 7 to 10 April, there will be Malaysia International Show Festival 2011. That is starting this Thursday. Location is at Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC). Organized by Ministry of Tourism and Malaysian Footwear Manufactures Association.

This will be the best time during the year to get a new shoes because there will be over 100 shoe brands available at the festivals.

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mineral makeup

Towards a greener skin…

Minerals makeup set..

We always talk about going green in a wider perspective. Like solar panel, don’t use plastic bag, paperless, organic fertilizer etc. How about our skincare? Surely this arguments are mostly for ladies..

I think that we are already aware about cosmetics in the market are using chemicals. Just flip your blush pack for example, did you understand any of this ingredients:- nylon-12,magnesium stearate, dimethicone, ethylparaben, calcium alumunium borosilicate and other aben, silicate, ethyl etc..

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Melaka Hard Rock Cafe

Largest Hard Rock Cafe in Orlando

Hard Rock Cafe doesn’t need an introduction. As an established authentic brand of cafe, the cafe has its own follower because it’s not just a cafe, it’s rock!

Now Melaka will be in another list of Hard Rock Cafe chain world wide. Currently Malaysia have 2 Hard Rock Cafe, one in KL and another in Penang. In Melaka the location will be at Jonker Street. A best place to ‘lepak’ in a cafe.

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