Towards a greener skin…

Minerals makeup set.. We always talk about going green in a wider perspective.

Melaka Hard Rock Cafe

Largest Hard Rock Cafe in Orlando Hard Rock Cafe doesn’t need an introduction.

Some of the Green Hotels in Malaysia

The Frangipani Langkawi Resort… Last time there were 10 Hotels in Malaysia that

Your chosen credit card when travel abroad

I know that now the government doesn’t encourage the younger people use to

Paperless,paper less or planting the paper?

Malaysian effort on kenaf tree here. Can we really not using any paper at all? For the moment no, especially in the office environment. We already heard about going paperless

Finding Registered Hotel in Malaysia

Now you can search your preferred hotel around Malaysia at the newly design Ministry of Tourism website here. All the hotels are registered with the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia. When

The real eco-Hotel!

No electricity in the room, thus you can imagine what electric gadget you will miss in this luxury lodge like flat screen tv and only candle at night. But hey?