1 day after birth… Mamas got a brand new baby!!. 3.56kg and healthy.

What happen in Malaysia this week…

If you don’t want to read you can watch this weekly here. All

Most dangerous fruit in Malaysia

I want to write the irresistible durians but that title look catchy. Yes,

Concept restaurant attractions

Eating industry are now not just for the hunger. It can be the

‘Other’ tourist perspective

As we figure out something new as an attractions, sometimes creativity is just not enough. Seeing from another perspective can also give a weird result. Thus, the weirdness can be

Malaysian hospitality in the sky

Malaysian Hospitality…. If you want to discover Malaysian hospitality before entering Malaysia, use Malaysia Airlines System. Malaysian Airlines System or MAS is airlines that received most awards for best cabin

Traveling with jewelry…

Did you wear necklaces, gold ring, bracelets, pendants..while traveling? Of course because we are women… But it is best to leave your precious diamond and golds at home. Wear only