Hoteliers should involve directly online

We can’t denied the influence of the Internet now. If we pretend not to used it, yes we can live without it. No website, facebook no online forum. But if we dealing with people, like it or not, they will post it in the Internet.

You can put it on your wall like this:

“No digital camera allowed, no smart phone allowed, no phone with built in camera allowed, no laptop, no broadband our premises”

The money is theirs and the products is yours. They had the right and you also have it.

But when the customer are paying they will talk. Believed me site like tripadvisor can make an influence to the travelers.

So for example when hotel management also answer the review made by former guest, others future traveler will read it also. As a customer I like responsive, responsible and well mannered hotel management.

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— asmaliana

global roaming

Cheap call for Malaysia and Singapore

Beginning 1st of May, Malaysia and Singapore will have reduce roaming charges up to 20%. It will not stop at twenty and will be increase to 30% next year.

KUALA LUMPUR (AFP) – Malaysia and Singapore have agreed to slash roaming charges for voice calls and text messaging over the next two years in a landmark accord, regulators said Wednesday…Read more here.

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— asmaliana

hoshi rokan

Oldest Hotel in the world…

Pic from wikimedia.

If it the oldest, why not it is the first hotel? I think it is hard to find such first hotel ever build in the world if we define Hotel is a place where people paid to stay for a short term basis. Maybe since people invented money and travel to trade?

Okay, this hotel in Japan was build in 718. Wow! It’s 1300 year old Hotel and still in business…By the same family. Now the 46th generation of Hoshi Family. If you look at the picture, it’s like the same building in that Samurai era in today millennium.

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— asmaliana

morgan hotel new york

First Boutique Hotel in the world…

Morgans Hotel New York, more pics here.

Although hotel industry has already started few hundred years ago, If you watch cowboy movies they already got a hotel in that era. I read boutique hotel term actually started in 1980’s. The man who created and popularize the concept is still available – Ian Schrager

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— asmaliana

jonker boutique hotel

Most chosen hotel for travelers

Jonker Boutique Hotel Melaka, the building seem suitable with the area…

Maybe it depends on what type of traveler you are and the place of interest. If we look at Tripadvisor on Melaka, many of most popular hotel are boutique like Majestic, Jonker Boutique Hotel , Hotel Puri , Fenix Inn and The Baba House . Except for Majestic, the others are budget.

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— asmaliana



1 day after birth…

Mamas got a brand new baby!!. 3.56kg and healthy. To date no name chosen yet and it’s a girl.

So I’m off duty now…please don’t call Mr. Boss at the office hahaha. I choose 3 month maternity leave. So for after birth mother out there, what’s up? Well, as far as the baby grandmother concern, the first 2 month will be a strict diet regime with recovery process full with traditional herbs.

Of course …modern mom now they got a lot of readings from the Internet to defy the mother principle, but how about we call it a draw. Both are good. Beside we wont be here right now because of them and their traditional method.

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— asmaliana

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