Donate RM10 for the kids extra mile

The kids..more picture at xtramile..

Just found the campaign website accidentally. The donation of RM10 is equal to 10 meters of distance and you can also purchase a hand-made paper lantern from the kids at StART. StART is a foundation.

Start Society is an academy for children of lesser privilege. So as an academy, they develop this children using arts (music,drama,speech,writing,design,etc).

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motour mobile

Convert your tourism web into mobile

Tourism Malaysia mobile web at mobile.motour.gov.my

Smartphone and mobile broadband package are growing rapidly now. Every telcos are promoting their mobile device mainly these 3- Iphone, Blackberry and Androids. All that utilizing always on connection. People that using the web with smartphone will surpass the laptop users. Or they already surpass? Read this data from mofuse, among the mobile content management:

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infinity pool caruso

Infinity edge pool fun…

Now is the trend to have an infinity pool at many 5 star hotel. If you just heard about the this infinity pool, actually the history for infinity pool actually started in in the early 1600s. Read about the story here.

The visual effects of the pool produce the edge of the pool is none and far to the horizon. Suitable for hotel at the seaside or up in the hill or swimming pool at the top of a building.

View some of the infinity pool at famous hotel in the world:

1.Hotel Caruso, Piazza San Giovanni del Toro 2, 84010 Ravello (SA), Italy .

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dubai bedouin

A prestigious camp in the desert

I don’t know if aboriginal inhabitant in place like the jungle and desert thinks their home can’t match a terrace house at the town. Because this recent years, tourism and travel industrialist are trying to promote these ‘aboriginal place’ to be prestigious.

They are not building anything new but using something that modern people already abandon.

The Bedouin Oasis pic at Dubai dubizzle.

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bon odori dancers

The only Japanese festival celebrated in Malaysia

Bon Odori dancers, pic by wikipedia..

Well, the Japanese living in Malaysia can celebrate any festival at their country here. This is a free country that welcomes all tourist. But this is the only festival listed in Malaysian Tourism Calendar – Bon Odori Festival.

Bon Odori Festival celebrated in Malaysia on 16 July 2011 according to Tourism Malaysia calendar of events here. The place is at Shah Alam Matsushita Stadium Selangor . Organized by Selangor State Office, Ministry of Tourism and The Japan Club of Kuala Lumpur .

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World Oldest Amusement Park..

Dyrehavsbakken entry, pic by wikipedia..

Did you still go to local amusement park? When we were kid there was mobile amusement park. The locals called it ‘Fun Fair’. The fun fair have ferris wheel, mini roller coaster and all the carnival games that requires your money and luck to get the prizes.

Now I think it’s still available in some part of Malaysia but it is not the preferred destination anymore for the families thus it’s declining..
Maybe the factors are out dated games, place usually outdoor, wheels and coasters looks rusty..and kids today don’t go out to that kind of places. It’s been replaces by kids play zone in many Shopping mall.

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The moving 5 star hotel..got also in Malaysia

This is present not in 1930’s

Orient mean east but this Orient Express hotel got their branch around the world…and a luxury train called Orient Express in Europe. This company is a truly a leisure company. They have a luxury train,riverboats, restaurants and safaris.

About the train..the The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express is like a moving 5-Star hotel. A land version of star cruise. Journey from London to Venice. The train is historic starting before the World War II. The train is so vintage from the cabin to the workers uniform.

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