Travelers best friend

Is the smartphone. For example if you own an iPhone, there are so

The roof is from Netherlands

Sample roof at Melaka Butterfly & Reptile Sanctuary.. The Dutch colonialism in Melaka

Are you truly a shopper?

Shopping is a slow therapy for women. That’s why women can really be

Androids apps for travellers that speak

Today smart phone are very travelers friendly. Just bring your smart phone while

Hoteliers should involve directly online

We can’t denied the influence of the Internet now. If we pretend not to used it, yes we can live without it. No website, facebook no online forum. But if

Cheap call for Malaysia and Singapore

Beginning 1st of May, Malaysia and Singapore will have reduce roaming charges up to 20%. It will not stop at twenty and will be increase to 30% next year. KUALA

Oldest Hotel in the world…

Pic from wikimedia. If it the oldest, why not it is the first hotel? I think it is hard to find such first hotel ever build in the world if