Hoteliers should involve directly online

We can’t denied the influence of the Internet now. If we pretend not

Cheap call for Malaysia and Singapore

Beginning 1st of May, Malaysia and Singapore will have reduce roaming charges up

Oldest Hotel in the world…

Pic from wikimedia. If it the oldest, why not it is the first

First Boutique Hotel in the world…

Morgans Hotel New York, more pics here. Although hotel industry has already started

Most chosen hotel for travelers

Jonker Boutique Hotel Melaka, the building seem suitable with the area… Maybe it depends on what type of traveler you are and the place of interest. If we look at


1 day after birth… Mamas got a brand new baby!!. 3.56kg and healthy. To date no name chosen yet and it’s a girl. So I’m off duty now…please don’t call

What happen in Malaysia this week…

If you don’t want to read you can watch this weekly here. All important event around Malaysia with a cute presenter. — asmaliana