World Oldest Amusement Park..

Dyrehavsbakken entry, pic by wikipedia..

Did you still go to local amusement park? When we were kid there was mobile amusement park. The locals called it ‘Fun Fair’. The fun fair have ferris wheel, mini roller coaster and all the carnival games that requires your money and luck to get the prizes.

Now I think it’s still available in some part of Malaysia but it is not the preferred destination anymore for the families thus it’s declining..
Maybe the factors are out dated games, place usually outdoor, wheels and coasters looks rusty..and kids today don’t go out to that kind of places. It’s been replaces by kids play zone in many Shopping mall.

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The moving 5 star also in Malaysia

This is present not in 1930’s

Orient mean east but this Orient Express hotel got their branch around the world…and a luxury train called Orient Express in Europe. This company is a truly a leisure company. They have a luxury train,riverboats, restaurants and safaris.

About the train..the The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express is like a moving 5-Star hotel. A land version of star cruise. Journey from London to Venice. The train is historic starting before the World War II. The train is so vintage from the cabin to the workers uniform.

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casa de rio

Special Offer Only From Casa del Rio!

Get a chance to win accommodation from Casa del Rio. Just a simple, join them on Facebook. Find them at

For your information, Casa del Rio is situated by the idyllic Melaka River near Jonkers Walk, just opening their doors to the people last 30th April 2011 with its distinctive Mediterranean architecture, tasteful interiors and of course, its warm hospitality and service.

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null stern

Nuke proof hotel

Pic from Null Stern web

This hotel can save you from bomb or radiation in a nuclear strike. Actually it is a bunker. Converted into a hotel. Like the bunker you see in LOST series where Desmond Hume trying to save the world by key in the code every 108 minute.

This kind of hotel is at Switzerland called Null Stern. Switzerland is the only country where every home have a nuclear bunker. Wow! believe it or not. It’s quite an interesting Switzerland story to read about.

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Meet your Seat Guru before flights

The Guru is brought to you by tripadvisor. The guru will tell you about all seat specification of the flight companies you choose.

This seatguru have information of 700 airplane seatmaps from nearly 100 different airlines. This guru sure are very informative in the airlines subject. For example I choose Air Asia Airbus A320.

The info showing that this is the only aircraft type in the Air Asia fleet. Single class configuration – All economy.

In flight amenities are shown in icon like this:

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Travelers best friend

Is the smartphone.

For example if you own an iPhone, there are so many apps for your traveling needs. Free and the paid apps are cheap. Like you want to give away the old Nokia.

From the simple free apps like Currency converter that give up to date exchange rate information for over 100 currencies and countries like this currency for iPhone:


The advance apps like this FlightTrack that track your flight status worldwide. With maps that you can zoom and it even help you to find alternate flight.

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tiles at taman rama2

The roof is from Netherlands

Sample roof at Melaka Butterfly & Reptile Sanctuary..

The Dutch colonialism in Melaka was from 1641 and ended in 1825. After that is the British story. But we always talk about Portuguese here because of the remaining Portuguese settlement .

Other than Stadhuys you see at Banda Hilir, the Dutch also pioneered the roofing system using a ceramics tiles.

600 years ago, traditional roof in this archipelago were made from certain leaves. Even all of the buildings are made from timber. From stairs to the roof, all from the jungle. But when the Europeans came, they introduce solid structure like bricks and stone for buildings.

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