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Your Travel Wish List with bing

How many hours you spend in one day on facebook only? Must be more that one hours eh? Despite of updating your status, cit cat, checking your luck and playing games, some apps are very useful too.

While using facebook and thinking the best family vacation this school holiday, you can do both in facebook using bing travel wish list. Just search for bingtravellist and allow it for your fb account.

This travel apps from bing integrate with your fb function,bing search and tripadvisor.

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— asmaliana


Promote your tourism product with toolbar

Yes with toolbar!, using this technology you can increase brand awareness and make users feel really attach to your products and updates. At the end, make more money or more arrival.

For example this site at conduit, you can create the toolbar for free. Before that do you know what kind of toolbar I’m talking about? It’s your Internet Browser toolbar. Whether IE, Firefox or Chrome.

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— asmaliana


Look for the best flights via KLIA

You might want to checkout flyklia website. I bet many of you don’t really aware about the web existence, but it has a technology that can update all airlines schedules and fares, including full service carriers and low cost carriers.

Start from KLIA to anywhere in the world. Just type for search. For example when I type the word Kuala Lumpur , the searchbox will automatically detect the ‘Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur Intl. (KUL) Malaysia’. I type New York for testing and I choose ‘New York (JFK,EWR,LGA) NY United States’. Opt for one way and hit the search button.

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travel guide

Create your own travel guides

So if you travel a lot and thinks that official travel guide are not fun at all in your opinion, you should consider make your own traveler’s guide. Your own recommendation with your own story.

Then personalized it with your own image and share it with others, pdf version. No need of software whatsoever. Just log in at traveldk. If you don’t know how to start, you can get an inspiration from nearly 1000 shared guides on the site for you to download – free.

— asmaliana


Rent a Porsche in Malaysia

You used to drive a sport car back home and you don’t want to drive slow cars when traveling in Malaysia? also can rent big cars like Porsche, Brabus,Bentley , Mercedes here at Prestigelimo.

At prestigelimo, they also provide high class chauffeured limousine service for event like wedding, corporate travel, tours or airport transfer.

For those who to rent a ‘prancing horse’ with a big discount maybe you should checkout groupon,

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— asmaliana


lonelyplanet trippy for your phone…

Travel and technology can’t be separated nowadays. Like you can’t travel with your mobile phone together. It can be useful at the mountain too like the Satnav function.

For travelers with android, or for any mobile browsers, you can use trippy from lonely planet. It’s a planner for your trip. With trippy you can share the plan with friends and family.

Integrate seamlessly with google map. The simple layout of trippy is build for your mobile. You must type the city you want to visit or just choose the itinerary from lonely planet . Then all you want to find as a traveler will be displayed.

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— asmaliana

international museum day

The International Museum Day…

Did you celebrate International Museum day last Wednesday? Or you don’t know anything about 18 May…But It’s normal for everyone don’t really realize The International Museum Day on 18 May, not like mothers day or valentines day that widely publicized on the media and at shopping mall.

Actually there is an Organization that support this movement of International Musuem. You can read all about International Council of Museum here.

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— asmaliana

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