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Nuke proof hotel

Pic from Null Stern web… This hotel can save you from bomb or

Meet your Seat Guru before flights

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Travelers best friend

Is the smartphone. For example if you own an iPhone, there are so

The roof is from Netherlands

Sample roof at Melaka Butterfly & Reptile Sanctuary.. The Dutch colonialism in Melaka was from 1641 and ended in 1825. After that is the British story. But we always talk

Are you truly a shopper?

Shopping is a slow therapy for women. That’s why women can really be patient going from one shop to another shop in large shopping mall for few hours. For shopaholics

Androids apps for travellers that speak

Today smart phone are very travelers friendly. Just bring your smart phone while traveling and you can rid of gps device, digital camera, video camera and even your laptop. Save