12.5 million tourists arrival until June

Although Malaysia was hit by haze recently and news papers reports of increase

Malaysia Major Events in 2013

Malaysia expect to be a major events hub in the region. MICE (Meetings,

Malaysian won Mrs Universe 2013

Infact she is first Asian to win the international pageant. But wait, at

MAS giving discounts up to 50%

This is the trick now, you got to make up your mind fast

Sleepover at Melaka Submarine Museum

Ok now after the Sleepover at the Flor the La Mar, now you can sleep at SMD Quessant Agosta 70 sub marine located at Pantai Berlian Klebanng. About the Sub:

AX Laser Tag Arena at Melaka

Ada sesiapa yang pernah mencuba AX Laser tag dekat Mahkota Parade? Saya dah masuk ke dalam tapi belum ada kesempatan untuk ‘berperang’. Walaupun tidaklah seperti medan pertempuran ‘outdoor’ di dalam

Healing Power of Petai!

I just know that petai or the famous smelly been here are very good for our health. Petai or in science they called it Parkia Speciosa can help treating depression,