Malaysia in London Double-Decker buses…

It means the double-decker buses in London are wrapped with Tourism Malaysia advertisement.

Your Travel Wish List with bing

How many hours you spend in one day on facebook only? Must be

Promote your tourism product with toolbar

Yes with toolbar!, using this technology you can increase brand awareness and make

Look for the best flights via KLIA

You might want to checkout flyklia website. I bet many of you don’t

Create your own travel guides

So if you travel a lot and thinks that official travel guide are not fun at all in your opinion, you should consider make your own traveler’s guide. Your own

Rent a Porsche in Malaysia

You used to drive a sport car back home and you don’t want to drive slow cars when traveling in Malaysia? also can rent big cars like Porsche, Brabus,Bentley

lonelyplanet trippy for your phone…

Travel and technology can’t be separated nowadays. Like you can’t travel with your mobile phone together. It can be useful at the mountain too like the Satnav function. For travelers