Infinity edge pool fun…

Now is the trend to have an infinity pool at many 5 star

A prestigious camp in the desert

I don’t know if aboriginal inhabitant in place like the jungle and desert

The only Japanese festival celebrated in Malaysia

Bon Odori dancers, pic by wikipedia.. Well, the Japanese living in Malaysia can

World Oldest Amusement Park..

Dyrehavsbakken entry, pic by wikipedia.. Did you still go to local amusement park?

The moving 5 star also in Malaysia

This is present not in 1930′s Orient mean east but this Orient Express hotel got their branch around the world…and a luxury train called Orient Express in Europe. This company

Special Offer Only From Casa del Rio!

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Nuke proof hotel

Pic from Null Stern web… This hotel can save you from bomb or radiation in a nuclear strike. Actually it is a bunker. Converted into a hotel. Like the bunker