Create your own travel guides

So if you travel a lot and thinks that official travel guide are

Rent a Porsche in Malaysia

You used to drive a sport car back home and you don’t want

lonelyplanet trippy for your phone…

Travel and technology can’t be separated nowadays. Like you can’t travel with your

The International Museum Day…

Did you celebrate International Museum day last Wednesday? Or you don’t know anything

Donate RM10 for the kids extra mile

The kids..more picture at xtramile.. Just found the campaign website accidentally. The donation of RM10 is equal to 10 meters of distance and you can also purchase a hand-made paper

Convert your tourism web into mobile

Tourism Malaysia mobile web at Smartphone and mobile broadband package are growing rapidly now. Every telcos are promoting their mobile device mainly these 3- Iphone, Blackberry and Androids. All

Infinity edge pool fun…

Now is the trend to have an infinity pool at many 5 star hotel. If you just heard about the this infinity pool, actually the history for infinity pool actually