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Now life is back to normal again – 8 to 5pm at the

Jam packed traveler

Jam at Ayer Keroh Toll exit last Sunday, pic from Utusan Online..

How about staycation?

From Wikipedia, Staycation: “A staycation (also spelled stay-cation, stacation, or staykation; known in

Do more meetings and get higher rank

But this matter can’t apply for yourself at the office. If you just

Shock Tourism as a niche

After years of developing for tourist attraction and accommodation, now many of us wanna back to square one – Extreme tourism or shock tourism. Developing shock tourism do not need

Malaysia Hidden Cities

A video Best Of Malaysia Hidden Cities by History Chanel. Interview with HISTORY channel program Hidden Cites host, Anthony Morse. — asmaliana

Travel to World Heritage site, TripAvisor recommended

The first thing is you can do is download a free 16 pages guide to amazing World Heritage sites around the globe at TripAvisor. Then after that you can help