Socializing while traveling

Socialize with people we meet while traveling is one thing, but now we can do another with the locals we never met, – through waze. All you need is a smartphone, whether iPhone, Androids, Blackberry, Nokia or Windows Mobile.

It’s actually a free GPS application, although not as sophisticated like Garmin or Papago but it’s suit your small phone and the best things is it can socialize through Twitter and Facebook.

All the report generated are real time from other drivers on the road. So we need more people using it to get more reports on more local road. You can download it from your own phone apps like androids market or blackberry application world. Click the OK button below to find out…

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musang king

land of exotic tropical fruit

Musang King pic from flickr

Westerners usually find Malaysia is country with lot of exotic kind of fruit. Why the Asians don’t feel like apple, pear or strawberries are exotic? Maybe because we can easily get fruits like that on our local supermarket. The supply are many and no way fruits like apple, oranges,pear or strawberries will be shortage.

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Plan your trip with TM

Now life is back to normal again – 8 to 5pm at the office, send and pickup child at nurseries, kids will go to school, sleep early, wake up before dawn…until the next trip of your holiday.

So for the next trip, you can use TM travel guide. TM means Tourism Malaysia for free. It’s not a guy but virtual guide at Tourism Malaysia website here.

So easy to use,

-First you register
-Choose Destination around Malaysia or Other countries,
-Then print it out or send it to others via the Internet.

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tol ayer keroh

Jam packed traveler

Jam at Ayer Keroh Toll exit last Sunday, pic from Utusan Online.. about your school holiday this whole week? Your kiddo still not ready going to school yet? Will asking them about their homework will spoil the holiday mood? Kids now got many things to do then us when we was at the same age. Many motivational camp program, community sport club for teenagers and lots of gadget at home like game console and entertainment system. Of course the mighty Internet can make you teenagers on their own world.

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How about staycation?

From Wikipedia,


“A staycation (also spelled stay-cation, stacation, or staykation; known in the United Kingdom as a stoliday or holistay) is a neologism for a period of time in which an individual or family stays and relaxes at home, or vacations in their own country, possibly taking day trips to area attractions”

Among your staycation tools…

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icca rank 2010

Do more meetings and get higher rank

But this matter can’t apply for yourself at the office. If you just do meeting and meeting but don’t do what you supposed to do or what your boss ask, you will be kick out of the office.

Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre.

This matter apply for the country as a whole. If Malaysia organized many International meetings with international associations, Malaysia rank under the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) will be increase. Top 10 in the world ranking mean best destination for MICE industries and top notch MICE facilities.

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ice diving

Shock Tourism as a niche

After years of developing for tourist attraction and accommodation, now many of us wanna back to square one – Extreme tourism or shock tourism. Developing shock tourism do not need many investment.

All we need is a dangerous place to go. Place like waterfall, mountains, cave and jungle. Adding dangerous sport at dangerous places like bungee jumping at high bridge. Or using existing thing that officially not for civilian like Russian MIG’s Jet.

Some of the country with this niche:

1) Flying the MiG-29 jet fighter as a co-pilot! In Russia. Complete price list here.

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