Malaysia Hidden Cities

A video Best Of Malaysia Hidden Cities by History Chanel. Interview with HISTORY

Travel to World Heritage site, TripAvisor recommended

The first thing is you can do is download a free 16 pages

Unsafe but fascinating to travel…

Some of us often think country that had an Internal Crisis like terrorist,

Malaysia in London Double-Decker buses…

It means the double-decker buses in London are wrapped with Tourism Malaysia advertisement.

Your Travel Wish List with bing

How many hours you spend in one day on facebook only? Must be more that one hours eh? Despite of updating your status, cit cat, checking your luck and playing

Promote your tourism product with toolbar

Yes with toolbar!, using this technology you can increase brand awareness and make users feel really attach to your products and updates. At the end, make more money or more

Look for the best flights via KLIA

You might want to checkout flyklia website. I bet many of you don’t really aware about the web existence, but it has a technology that can update all airlines schedules