Hotel deep in the jungle

The is a resort in this thick jungle.

One of most important element of Malaysia eco industry is our rain forest. Preserving the nature environment of the rain forest are for human race so we can benefit from it. Also for the tourism aspect. Lot of people seeking a peaceful holiday in natural environment these day. But many of them don’t want to camp, they just want to seeing and enjoying it.

So we must built a resort or hotel deep in the jungle. Not necessary to built extra modernity like road or big pipes from the city. The place can have an helipad, harvest rainwater,fresh water treatment from the river, solar panel,gen set,etc…

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— asmaliana


Check in at below sea level

Pic credit to reiendaa blog..

We all understand that we live on land that is above sea level. Although we dig a deep hole like a grave and sit on it doesn’t mean we live below sea level because we don’t know exactly the water level or sea level at the place we stand.

Some place are naturally below sea level for example the famous Dead Sea. The dead sea is 423 meters below sea level. Which is I think only Submarine can dive that deep, but you can go to the dead sea area anytime alive.

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Digital StillCamera

Travel to most remote Islands on earth…

We are so lucky because we live in a modern society where the word remote is only applicable on our ‘remote control’. Everyone that can read this blog can be considered live in a normal place like you. We have an Internet connection, Television channel, transportation link like road, highways and air port.

Even remote Islands in Malaysia considered to be easily accessible by all modern transport. Well these Island don’t. Even by ship itself. For example:

-Pitcairn Islands

Pic from wikipedia.
Pitcairn Islands have :
*Located in south pacific ocean.
*Only 50 inhabitant.
*Nor Airstrip or seaport.
*Among the Island main economy are coins and stamp.

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— asmaliana

Socializing while traveling

Socialize with people we meet while traveling is one thing, but now we can do another with the locals we never met, – through waze. All you need is a smartphone, whether iPhone, Androids, Blackberry, Nokia or Windows Mobile.

It’s actually a free GPS application, although not as sophisticated like Garmin or Papago but it’s suit your small phone and the best things is it can socialize through Twitter and Facebook.

All the report generated are real time from other drivers on the road. So we need more people using it to get more reports on more local road. You can download it from your own phone apps like androids market or blackberry application world. Click the OK button below to find out…

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musang king

land of exotic tropical fruit

Musang King pic from flickr

Westerners usually find Malaysia is country with lot of exotic kind of fruit. Why the Asians don’t feel like apple, pear or strawberries are exotic? Maybe because we can easily get fruits like that on our local supermarket. The supply are many and no way fruits like apple, oranges,pear or strawberries will be shortage.

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— asmaliana

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