casa del mar

Home by the sea

Casa Del Mar entrance

Casa Del Mar or Home by the Sea is a Casa Del Rio Melaka twin brother at Langkawi. The differences are Casa Del Rio at the river front and Casa Del Mar at the beach front.

You can spot the equality on the logo and building structure. Furthermore this Casa Del Mar win 2011 Tripadvisor Travelers’ Choice Award. Read the review about Casa Del Mar win the Tripadvisor award here.

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bar at rio

Room by the River

This bar picture is not at Portugal but at Melaka Rio…

Just to checkout how’s this new Boutique Hotel doing. At present all the review at TripAdvisor are between 4 to 5 rating from 5. A good start for Casa Del Rio.

Checkout their Cuarto del Rio offer here. A special room rates package from 1st July – 30th September 2011.

They got everything by the river – room, cafe, meeting and you can do meeting at The Piazza for that touch of the Mediterranean they say.

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going places

Going Places latest issue

This magazine is in-flight magazine from Malaysia Airlines System. So if we are outside the flight, how we going to read it? It simple just buy the Ipad. Ipad 2 already launch, of course there are more things you can do with an Ipad other than reading this mag.

You can download this beautiful travel mag from MAS for your Ipad here.

pic from terato tech..

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Traveling women can pee standing up?

This is an idea of how women can pee standing up. A Dutch women invented a product called P-Mate for women. The main selling point is for traveling women like:

Have you ever been afraid to pull down your pants to squat and pee and risk being seen or peeing on your shoes?

You can study or order the product here. What do you think?

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toilet sign in bangkok

World Toilet College

Toilet sign in Bangkok, pic from pocketcultures.

Travel and toilets can’t be separated. Many of our destination review will be influenced by the toilet condition. Bad toilet will affect the restaurant good and delicious food. That’s why you can find many public toilet now have a standby cleaner inside it, so the cleaning process will be real time instead of schedule cleaning.

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calgary canada

World Cleanest City…

You probably already know about world cleanest city from Forbes. In the 25 list of World Cleanest City, only Japan representing Asia. The Europe got the most of it. Our nearest cleanest city from Kuala Lumpur are in New Zealand. This is 2007 data..

Calgary Canada #1 rank, pic from Forbes.

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