jetlag calc

Calculate your jet lag before departure

This is useful robot advisor develop by British Airways. You just key in the time you usually wake up in the morning at your time zone. Then key in the time zone of your arrival compared with your home time zone.

As the result, the system will generate an advice that played around when to seek light and when to avoid light for approx 2 days. Also meals and excercise.

Proceed here to the jet lag calc…

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malaysia kuih

Melaka Nyonya Laksa vs Penang

Read this gastronomic journey by the writer of Nyimes to Melaka and Penang here.

Melaka and Penang share the unique mixture of delicacies from Malay and Strait born Chinese, where Penang had more mamak (Indian Descendent) variety. So if you really want to indulge with the local cuisine, stop using utensil and start eating with your bare hand…local style..

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Collect donations to fund your trips

This website started in 1997 as the world’s original travel blog. Now you can find many travel blog or other blog platform and write about travel for free.

There are many advantage in TravelPod as you can think available using current website technology like embedded travel map, drag and drop style picture upload, forums, mobile update module and share your post to social sites like facebook or myspace.

The most interesting features that catch my eyes about this travel blog is the advance features that can Collect donations to fund your trips. Hmm you can plan to fund your year end holiday starting January with this donation features… I think

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casa del mar

Home by the sea

Casa Del Mar entrance

Casa Del Mar or Home by the Sea is a Casa Del Rio Melaka twin brother at Langkawi. The differences are Casa Del Rio at the river front and Casa Del Mar at the beach front.

You can spot the equality on the logo and building structure. Furthermore this Casa Del Mar win 2011 Tripadvisor Travelers’ Choice Award. Read the review about Casa Del Mar win the Tripadvisor award here.

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bar at rio

Room by the River

This bar picture is not at Portugal but at Melaka Rio…

Just to checkout how’s this new Boutique Hotel doing. At present all the review at TripAdvisor are between 4 to 5 rating from 5. A good start for Casa Del Rio.

Checkout their Cuarto del Rio offer here. A special room rates package from 1st July – 30th September 2011.

They got everything by the river – room, cafe, meeting and you can do meeting at The Piazza for that touch of the Mediterranean they say.

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