Alternative local Waterpark…

Many Malaysian already know Asia’s Best Attraction – Sunway Lagoon. Thanks to the media promotion and highlighted events in the TV, many of us plan to go there someday for family vacation.

Sometimes we find out that place like that is crowded during peak season. There are always an alternative to try it out. Some of it also got competitive pricing that can save our budget..The place like:

Desa Waterpark

Desa Waterpark ‘Thunderbolt’

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cameron highland strawberry stall

Local Strawberries…

Strawberry Stall at Cameron Highland, pic from storm runner Flickr.

If you want to enjoy the authentic local fruits, the timing must be correct as many of the tropical fruits are seasonal. Of course some of them have been cultivated with new agriculture technology so they can produce fruit more frequently like Siamese Durian, but it can’t match the original one.

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Catwalk on Han River…

Before Fendi on the Han River, Fendi also doing catwalk at the Great Wall of China in 2007. Fashion event by any International Brand base in Paris will always catch the media eyes. Added with International Star as a Guest, Supermodel, it will be a crowd puller. If they can’t come to see they will always read about the place where the event took place. as a result, boost the place of interest appearances world wide.

But Where is Fendi, they will be activist that don’t like Fendi way of using fur. Clash between animal lover and Fashionista. Read it in the news here.

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Caserío del Mirador

Towards Children Friendly Tourism

Something we always forgot or not really care about is when choosing place for holidays that fit our children specification. Usually we choose the place of interest like beaches, theme park or resort. The hotel budget and facilities for us as adult like spa, gym and restaurant to suit our appetite.

Caserío del Mirador, Among holiday destination that promote Child friendly holidays. Located in Spain.

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jetlag calc

Calculate your jet lag before departure

This is useful robot advisor develop by British Airways. You just key in the time you usually wake up in the morning at your time zone. Then key in the time zone of your arrival compared with your home time zone.

As the result, the system will generate an advice that played around when to seek light and when to avoid light for approx 2 days. Also meals and excercise.

Proceed here to the jet lag calc…

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