Melaka Nyonya Laksa vs Penang

Read this gastronomic journey by the writer of Nyimes to Melaka and Penang

Collect donations to fund your trips

This website started in 1997 as the world’s original travel blog. Now you

Home by the sea

Casa Del Mar entrance Casa Del Mar or Home by the Sea is

Room by the River

This bar picture is not at Portugal but at Melaka Rio… Just to

Send your travel pic with MAS Photobook

This product from MASTravel is a freeware but to make it really useful you got to pay it. You can download this photobook software, create your travel potrait and make

Going Places latest issue

This magazine is in-flight magazine from Malaysia Airlines System. So if we are outside the flight, how we going to read it? It simple just buy the Ipad. Ipad 2

Traveling women can pee standing up?

This is an idea of how women can pee standing up. A Dutch women invented a product called P-Mate for women. The main selling point is for traveling women like: