Towards Children Friendly Tourism

Something we always forgot or not really care about is when choosing place

Strange language abroad?

You come to unknown land and suddenly you are ask to hang your

Calculate your jet lag before departure

This is useful robot advisor develop by British Airways. You just key in

Your air fare watchdog..

This is your online guard dog for sniffing a cheap flights. The main

Melaka Nyonya Laksa vs Penang

Read this gastronomic journey by the writer of Nyimes to Melaka and Penang here. Melaka and Penang share the unique mixture of delicacies from Malay and Strait born Chinese, where

Collect donations to fund your trips

This website started in 1997 as the world’s original travel blog. Now you can find many travel blog or other blog platform and write about travel for free. There are

Home by the sea

Casa Del Mar entrance Casa Del Mar or Home by the Sea is a Casa Del Rio Melaka twin brother at Langkawi. The differences are Casa Del Rio at the