Send your travel pic with MAS Photobook

This product from MASTravel is a freeware but to make it really useful

Going Places latest issue

This magazine is in-flight magazine from Malaysia Airlines System. So if we are

Traveling women can pee standing up?

This is an idea of how women can pee standing up. A Dutch

World Toilet College

Toilet sign in Bangkok, pic from pocketcultures. Travel and toilets can’t be separated.

World Cleanest City…

You probably already know about world cleanest city from Forbes. In the 25 list of World Cleanest City, only Japan representing Asia. The Europe got the most of it. Our

Hotel deep in the jungle

The is a resort in this thick jungle. One of most important element of Malaysia eco industry is our rain forest. Preserving the nature environment of the rain forest are

Check in at below sea level

Pic credit to reiendaa blog.. We all understand that we live on land that is above sea level. Although we dig a deep hole like a grave and sit on