Earth’s city lights

Original and bigger picture here.

Look at the Earth’s city lights. Scientist from NASA use this city lights data to map world urbanization. I can see Japan like have lights throughout the country. At Malaysia peninsular, city lights are more dense at southern region and almost no light in central Malaysia. Of course it’s the jungle mainly in Pahang. Many of the central region in the world you can see almost no lights..More of the NASA image catalog here.

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Visit Malaysia Botanical Garden

We have a main purpose when selecting certain hemisphere to go for travel. If we want experience snow, we must travel up north like Countries near to the artic, or go to the countries that have 4 season.

So if someone plan to visit Malaysia, among the main objective is to enjoy the rich greenery. From Wikipedia:

“Rainforests are also responsible for 28% of the world’s oxygen turnover, sometimes misnamed oxygen production,[3] processing it through photosynthesis from carbon dioxide and storing it as carbon through biosequestration.”

Rain forest of the world, image from wikipedia..

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BHM Ramadhan Buffet 2011

Ramadhan Promo : Bayview Hotel

Bayview Hotel Melaka is among the early hotel to email their Ramadhan Buffet promotion. Bayview Hotel Palette Cafe line up dishes are like Sup Ekor Lembu, Udang Lekor, Rendang Tok,Laksa, Kerabu , Ayam Percik and lots more of Kampung favorites.

Price at RM55++ for adults and RM25++ per child..

Here are the brochure, with added Ramadhan family packages and room promotion..

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lost world petting zoo

Your local petting zoo..

Since when that we are so excited to see and hold the animals? Do you think our father and grand father are thinking about zoo when they were kids? We are aware about our village back then. It’s also quite like a mini zoo, every family got livestock like goat, cow, chicken, monkey to pluck coconut, got bird for a hobby, cat and dog. Plus small wild animal in the village like squirrel,fox, lizzard,snakes and anteater. All the common wild animal in Malaysia village.

Childrens Petting Zoo

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podule hotel

Campers Hotel…

I think there is no such hotel like this podule hotel here in Malaysia. This podule hotel company is located in United Kingdom. Actually the hotel can pop up anywhere you like.

Podule hotel exterior…

This popup hotel will be Installed if there is an event like festivals and motorsport races. So if you booked the hotel, your hotel will be arrived soon with truck and they will assemble it. After the event, then the hotel will be gone.

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Your most thrilling ride?

Of course in Malaysia, if you want to ride a thrilling roller coaster, the place of choice will be Genting Highland.

Genting Highland Space Shot

And Sunway Lagoon also got their G-Force X:

Well watch this video, the scariest roller coaster , I will ride it if you pay me lolz :P

So what is your scariest ride ever?

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Batik as an art

All Malays will have at least 1 batik at their home. Malaysian automatically will understand that Batik is a local culture. Both men and women have their own form of batik. The Government servant have their batik culture in Wednesday. Now we got many boutique that offer contemporary batik fashion that suits all ages and races.

So we understand batik is a fabric and use as our clothing. How many of us praise batik as an art and put it on the wall like other paintings?

Not just sells the batik art, you also can Learn the art at GM Choo batik classes.

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