Alternative local Waterpark…

Many Malaysian already know Asia’s Best Attraction – Sunway Lagoon. Thanks to the

Local Strawberries…

Strawberry Stall at Cameron Highland, pic from storm runner Flickr. If you want

Catwalk on Han River…

Before Fendi on the Han River, Fendi also doing catwalk at the Great

Towards Children Friendly Tourism

Something we always forgot or not really care about is when choosing place

Strange language abroad?

You come to unknown land and suddenly you are ask to hang your employee? Browse more strange sign by real travelers here and you can post yours too.. Japan —

Calculate your jet lag before departure

This is useful robot advisor develop by British Airways. You just key in the time you usually wake up in the morning at your time zone. Then key in the

Your air fare watchdog..

This is your online guard dog for sniffing a cheap flights. The main advantage of this airfare watchdog is they claimed that all the data from airlines companies are monitored