Melaka New Coral Wonderland

I have not yet have the chance to go to this Coral Wonderland.

Malaysia Salt tour

Salt also can occur in land area not just from the sea. You

How about Indoor Water Park?

We already use to playing with water outdoor like at the beaches or

Alternative local Waterpark…

Many Malaysian already know Asia’s Best Attraction – Sunway Lagoon. Thanks to the

Local Strawberries…

Strawberry Stall at Cameron Highland, pic from storm runner Flickr. If you want to enjoy the authentic local fruits, the timing must be correct as many of the tropical fruits

Catwalk on Han River…

Before Fendi on the Han River, Fendi also doing catwalk at the Great Wall of China in 2007. Fashion event by any International Brand base in Paris will always catch

Towards Children Friendly Tourism

Something we always forgot or not really care about is when choosing place for holidays that fit our children specification. Usually we choose the place of interest like beaches, theme