Visit Malaysia Botanical Garden

We have a main purpose when selecting certain hemisphere to go for travel.

Ramadhan Promo : Bayview Hotel

Bayview Hotel Melaka is among the early hotel to email their Ramadhan Buffet

Your local petting zoo..

Since when that we are so excited to see and hold the animals?

Campers Hotel…

I think there is no such hotel like this podule hotel here in

Your most thrilling ride?

Of course in Malaysia, if you want to ride a thrilling roller coaster, the place of choice will be Genting Highland. Genting Highland Space Shot And Sunway Lagoon also got

Batik as an art

All Malays will have at least 1 batik at their home. Malaysian automatically will understand that Batik is a local culture. Both men and women have their own form of

Melaka New Coral Wonderland

I have not yet have the chance to go to this Coral Wonderland. Located at level 4 Dataran Pahlawan Megamall Melaka. It is said that this is the:- -1st Coral