Free car check for upcoming festive season

Although I drive a Perodua but this news about free car check doesn’t

Steamboat on the river

When I read at wikipedia, actually the word steamboat is famous in Malaysia

Songket + Restaurant = Good !

It’s a fast month now and most of the restaurant here will ease

Guest House with a cozy roof top

I’m highlighting this place because while I’m browsing the TripAdvisor on Melaka, Roof

The Penghulu House

Rumah Penghulu Abdul Ghani was once a house for the Official District Head (Chieftain) in Melaka. This artistic antique is only one in Malaysia. Read about about the conservation here.

Tour Royale…

The Royal Headgear (Solek Dendam Tak Sudah). Royal Institution is among human history or legacy that are still being practice until now. Knight Chivalry is extinct,the Gladiator is extinct and

Highest restaurant in here…

Of course if you want to find a higher place for dining in Malaysia, there are plenty of mountainous place to go like Genting Highland, Cameron Highland, Fraser Hill, KL