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Travel during Ramadan

Ramadan is the holiest month of the year, among the spirit of Ramadan is helping the needy. Pic: Malaysia Prime Minister with locals during Ramadan, pic from PM Flickr

Now we are at the half of Ramadan, the fasting month. As for Muslim travelers that make Malaysia their choice of destination during August. they can easily blend in with the Culture.

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Expedia + Air Asia = red hot deal

Did you open Expedia Malaysia recently? This world’s largest online travel booking company already have expedia.com dedicated for Malaysian Travelers.

So it is better for Malaysian using the Expedia Malaysia rather than using the International version because with this version the price is in Ringgit Malaysia value. Further more the base before you travel is originating locally with all the main airport within Malaysia are listed.

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August Special Promotion

To many promotion for the month of August which they should promote before August.

I got another from e-mail, a Ramadan Promotion at A’ Famosa Resort Melaka. But this package is special, targeted to Government Office only. A meeting package valid from 1st to 25 August 2011.

During this period, meeting package of RM60 at A’ Famosa Resort will get Buffet Ramadan, Hall for 3 hour and ticket to carnival. Click the image below for more..

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cambodia homestay

Doing good while traveling

Are you doing good? Of course we are doing all good things during a vacation right? And all the good things will remind us a happy moment after the vacation ended.

How about really doing a good deeds is the main purposed of your travel?

For example let say we invested about $20,000 for a week vacation with our loves one to Europe. We spend on hotels, theme parks, restaurant, cars and shopping. Vacation end, we all going home, $20,000 turn to $0 and we are satisfied.

Cambodia Homestay program from Volunteer Abroad with WLS International.

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Don’t forget your mosquito repellent..

a female Anopheles albimanus mosquito,pic from Wikipedia.

As a country that is situated in equator and have a tropical climate, we have known the mosquito since childhood. All of us here must have been bitten by a mosquito. So the people here are quite used to it. But as I read in Wikipedia, now mosquito also exist everywhere even in the cooler country like in Europe. So guess we all also have good knowledge about this pest.

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bubur lambuk

Buffet Ramadan at Beruang Hill

Beruang Hill can be considered a budget destination. But the hotel is unique based on the existing building itself, once an apartment. So the Ramadan Buffet dinner at Beruang Hill also can be considered a budget.

Price at RM25.00 nett for adult and RM18.00 nett for children. Duration from 3rd August to 27th August 2011. All local menu with strong taste of spices.

Lot 91, Seksyen 1, Bukit Beruang Heights
Jalan Bukit Beruang
Hang Tuah Jaya
75450 Melaka
Tel : +606233 2231
Fax : +606233 2235

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ng yen yen

How to enjoy aerial view around Malaysia

There are several ways that you can use to view places here from the top. For example you can go to Menara Kuala Lumpur, check in at hi rise hotel or climbing the highest hill in that area. Like Kuala Lumpur got many hills surround it.

YB Dato’ Sri Dr. Ng Yen Yen during the launch. More pic here.

Now you got another option with better and wider ariel view. With a Helicopter. Tourism Minister recently launched the 1Malaysia Helicopter Tour Packages. This tour with helicopter will cover certain areas of Sabah, Kuala Lumpur and Langkawi, including the Mount Kinabalu Aerial Tour and Tunku Abdul Rahman Park (Sabah), Kuala Lumpur-Genting Highlands Tour and over Langkawi Island.

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