Nation Celebration

Before this we already celebrate Chinese New Year with Hari Raya they called it kongxi-raya, then we had Deepavali with Hari Raya and they called it depa-raya. Now Merdeka – Raya. So this year the Hari Raya, other than cheerful LED and lamp, home decor will be added with National Flag. 31 August fall on the second day of Eidul Fitri

hitting the road for ‘jalan-jalan raya’

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shopping spree

Shopping Spree week

Starting this week to end of this month will be full of shopping activities by Malaysian that celebrate Hari Raya or Eidul Fitri. For any celebration, to live up the celebration spirit physically is through buying new things for the special day.

That was what we experience since we were kid. Wearing new clothes, new shoes, new home furniture, new decor or paint.

Now we are continuing the spirit at our children by buying them a nice new clothes for hari raya.

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euro crisis

Europe and Arabs tourist arrival trend…

When America is having difficulties with their economy like nation debt crisis and higher unemployment rate,including some European countries. Some says that it will affected Malaysia foreign direct investment and exports.

Pic from algosandblues..

While in some Arabs nation, uprising from the people is like a chain reaction since Egypt.

I think maybe it will also affected the arrival from those countries. Like they are cutting their vacation spending to this part of the world. They are also busy to rebuilding their nation after the uprising.

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tapai pulut

Fermented delicacy

Tapai is the famous form of fermented food in Malaysia. Tapai usually eaten on occasion like wedding and family feast. Here tapai will be found in two types that are from glutinous rice and cassava. Traditionally it will be wrapped with banana leaves when served.

Tapai from Glutinous rice

Fermented food are served all over the world with different type of foods like soybean, milk,olive, bread, cheese and fruits.

The tapai is very sweet with little sour tastes. Tapai also taste good when eaten cold or mixed with ice cream and ice blended juice. In Melaka there is one company that produce tapai commercially. Tapai Pulut Sarimah. Tapai Pulut Sarimah is wrapped with special plastic and paper replacing the banana leaves. The taste remain the same.

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malaysia spa

Foreign hand for local spa

Tourism Minister said don’t rely on foreign therapist, instead try do more training to Malaysian who are interested in this industries like setting up an internship program.

Well the Minister got the point, if a travelers just finished traveling from Bangkok then drop by at KL for a spa treatment. Suddenly the guys still got a hand from Thailand in KL. So the experience will be not so exciting.

Health & Beauty From the Rainforest: Malaysian Traditions of RamuanHealthy Living Books)

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