Foreign hand for local spa

Tourism Minister said don’t rely on foreign therapist, instead try do more training

Online travelers review rising

If you think by not registering a Facebook account and not having a

Chinaman will be flowing…

This year Tourism Malaysia targets 1.25 million tourist this year. Halal tourism will

FAQ – how secure is Malaysia

This year until August, we already see many rally and riots all over

Malaysian version of Sherbet

Hmm maybe it’s a sherbet also with punch features in it. The Air Katira. People here started seeking this special drinks during Ramadan. It is sweet, creamy with many added

Travel during Ramadan

Ramadan is the holiest month of the year, among the spirit of Ramadan is helping the needy. Pic: Malaysia Prime Minister with locals during Ramadan, pic from PM Flickr Now

Expedia + Air Asia = red hot deal

Did you open Expedia Malaysia recently? This world’s largest online travel booking company already have dedicated for Malaysian Travelers. So it is better for Malaysian using the Expedia Malaysia