Guide to Malaysia budget friendly travel

Do you already check the tripadvisor? Now they have a Malaysia dot my

Nation Celebration

Before this we already celebrate Chinese New Year with Hari Raya they called

Shopping Spree week

Starting this week to end of this month will be full of shopping

Europe and Arabs tourist arrival trend…

When America is having difficulties with their economy like nation debt crisis and

Fermented delicacy

Tapai is the famous form of fermented food in Malaysia. Tapai usually eaten on occasion like wedding and family feast. Here tapai will be found in two types that are

Foreign hand for local spa

Tourism Minister said don’t rely on foreign therapist, instead try do more training to Malaysian who are interested in this industries like setting up an internship program. Well the Minister

Online travelers review rising

If you think by not registering a Facebook account and not having a website you will be save from online review. Think again, because Internet connection are become necessaries of