Malaysia day 2011!

This year National Independence is celebrated with Malaysia Day. This year is the 2nd year Malaysian accelerated Malaysia Day since 2010. Both 31st August and 16th September are historical to the formation of Malaysia we all know today.

Official celebration are celebrated and coordinated by government at state level and national level. Although younger generation maybe don’t really understand like senior generation who lived throughout the period of getting the Independence and setting up formation of Malaysia. At least with the celebration they know Malaysia achievement, Malaysia governing machinery and appreciation of the flag.

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Hotel 906 chain reaction

This hotel got 4 branch, all within the Melaka town area. Instead of building a bigger hotel in one place, the owner cut it into pieces and scattered it around town. As a result more visibility and more choices for the guest. The 906 hotel location are:

1.Melaka Raya (HQ)
Address: No.22, Jalan Melaka Raya 15, Taman Melaka Raya, 75000 Melaka.
Telephone: 06 – 288 1906 Fax: 06 – 288 3906

2.Taman Mutiara
Address: No.11A, Jalan Mutiara Melaka 4, Taman Mutiara, 75250 Batu Berendam.
Telephone: 06 – 317 6906 Fax: 06 – 317 7906

3.Batu Berendam
Address: No.1, Jalan ASB 1, Taman Arked Sutera Belia, 75350 Batu Berendam.
Telephone: 06 – 319 2906 Fax: 06 – 319 2323

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cassava chips

Cassava Chips is Malaysian


Ubi Kayu is not Malaysian staple food but this plant was famous during Japanese Occupation here during world war 2. Not because it was used as a weapon but as a staple food during the war years. But now the ubi kayu is famous for food industries as a major source of carbohydrates.

Now we still eat it occasionally and the recipe are fried, boil, fermentation or mix with other ingredient to produce a cake for example. Before potato chips are being introduce here by the Americans (I guest). Locals have ubi kayu chips.

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Bar Rio

Majesty by the Melaka Riverside

I’m just publishing the Casa Del Rio Press Release for your info.


Melaka, Malaysia – THE city of Melaka, Malaysia’s colorful and historic pride and joy, has a brand new boutique hotel called Casa del Rio, it is the only hotel located directly on the banks of the stately Melaka River.

Casa del Rio which is Spanish for ‘Home by the River’ is a mansion of opulence, sitting majestically on the riverbank, ideally located on Jalan Kota Laksamana, only a two-minute walk from the popular Jonkers Walk and the heritage attractions of Melaka.
Casa del Rio is the newest addition to The Boutique Collection by HPL Hotels and Resorts. Other brands in the HPL Hotels & Resorts’ management portfolio include Hard Rock Hotels and Concorde Hotels.

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tzu chi moon cake

Time to lit up the lantern…

Time for another celebration!, now our Chinese fellow will gather to eat moon cakes while the children will be playing with their colorful lantern. It’s mid autumn, the time for lantern festivals.

This year Tourism Malaysia will organize a 2.5km lantern procession at historic Kuala Lumpur Chinatown. This lantern procession is in conjunction with the 1Malaysia Lantern Tourism Festival 2011. So if you want to witness the event, it will be held on this Saturday 10/9 at 8pm.

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Malaysian noodles in New York

Ney York city Streets-pic by glazaro flickr..

Malaysia Kitchen for the World event will be held in New York this 27th of September. I don’t know whether mee mamak or kue teow goreng kerang can be found during the New York Malaysian noodles festival. But it is said that variety of Malaysian noodles on Malay, Chinese and Indian will be featured…

Published: Thursday September 8, 2011 MYT 12:00:00 PM
All about Malaysian noodles at NY food celebration

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