Handbook for Malaysian Customs & Etiquette

Can get it at MPH bookstore.. Yesterday Tourism Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ng

Month of ‘Open Houses’

Melaka State Hari Raya Open house recently… The culture of visiting each other

Feel the warmth in Southeast Asia

The weather in South East Asia are generally warm. As you all know

Torture Exhibition

I don’t want to imagine it, but I know that there are people

Bat – Ca

New generation of trishaw rider now prefer comics theme for their beca.You can find this becaman around Banda Hilir… — asmaliana

Guide to Malaysia budget friendly travel

Do you already check the tripadvisor? Now they have a Malaysia dot my domain. The more International online travel website participate directly with our country, the hotels will be more

Nation Celebration

Before this we already celebrate Chinese New Year with Hari Raya they called it kongxi-raya, then we had Deepavali with Hari Raya and they called it depa-raya. Now Merdeka –