Limitation of Hotels liability to guest loss….

In Malaysia, the limitation of any hotel, tavern, guess house, is referred to

Malaysia day 2011!

This year National Independence is celebrated with Malaysia Day. This year is the

KFC Malaysia new vibe…

Looks like Malaysia’s favorite family chicken outing have a new themes. They got

Hotel 906 chain reaction

This hotel got 4 branch, all within the Melaka town area. Instead of

Cassava Chips is Malaysian

Cassava… Ubi Kayu is not Malaysian staple food but this plant was famous during Japanese Occupation here during world war 2. Not because it was used as a weapon but

Majesty by the Melaka Riverside

I’m just publishing the Casa Del Rio Press Release for your info. MAJESTY BY THE MELAKA RIVERSIDE Melaka, Malaysia – THE city of Melaka, Malaysia‚Äôs colorful and historic pride and

Time to lit up the lantern…

Time for another celebration!, now our Chinese fellow will gather to eat moon cakes while the children will be playing with their colorful lantern. It’s mid autumn, the time for