Bring your own pillow on a flight…

A pillow will remain at the bedroom. You don’t bring your own pillow

Where to find a 5 star spa?

By asking the taxi driver? phone directory services? They can easily point you

Drink tea and learn at Zheng He

At Jalan Kuli, in the heart of Melaka Old China Town, you can

Not Malaysian natural climate

In Malaysia, few times if lucky, tourist will experience some kind of fog

Hang Tuah festival 2011

Hang Tuah is a Melaka warrior legend. Like King Arthur mythology in England. The undefeated heroic aspect of this warrior making the legends and myth more interesting to talk rather

Limitation of Hotels liability to guest loss….

In Malaysia, the limitation of any hotel, tavern, guess house, is referred to INNKEEPERS ACT 1952. The section 4 of Innkeepers act: Limitation of innkeepers’ liability 4. No innkeeper shall

Malaysia day 2011!

This year National Independence is celebrated with Malaysia Day. This year is the 2nd year Malaysian accelerated Malaysia Day since 2010. Both 31st August and 16th September are historical to