Month of fine dining in Malaysia…

Huge potential in fine dining

THE fine-dining scene in Malaysia today holds a huge potential.

Malaysia International Gourmet Festival (MIGF) 2011 organising chairman Datuk Steve Day said fine dining was almost non-existent 10 years ago.

He said it had a very small following because Malaysians felt it was pretentious, boring, stuffy and unfriendly.

However, he noted that many tourists especially high-yield travellers and MICE (meetings, incentives, conventions, exhibitions) delegates wanted international cuisine.

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— asmaliana

world heritage calendar

World Heritage Calendar for download

Download here.

Although it’s nearly at the end of 2011, the calendar can look good on your space too. Plus this world heritage calendar can educated you about world heritage site around the world, month by month. This calendar is bring to you by Panasonic and UNESCO…

They also have UNESCO World Heritage Desk Diary too, with colour photos of World Heritage sites, each accompanied with a short caption….

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caca ice cream

Create your own ice cream flavor

Ice cream will always have a good market in Malaysia. In fact, although many type of ice cream brand in the market, ice cream can easily sell. Of course children like ice cream, adult also eat ice cream. Creativity in Ice cream are endless. The ice cream flavor and toppings can blend easily with any local culture. For example here we have ice cream eaten with fermented rice or cassava.

We have many home grown ice cream maker. Among that attract my child appetite is IceEdge. The truck like ice cream stall with functional front vehicle lamp catch their eyes in the first place.

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rain forest smart house

How to get alliance with the rainforest

A conifer forest type, pic from Wikipedia

Many of the world nature movement or society talk about rainforest. Only few talks about conifer forest. Many of these movement or society that involve in this save the rainforest agenda also not originating from a rainforest countries. In other hand, organization that originating from rainforest country don’t really talk about conifer forest.

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Kuala Lumpur Hotel list…

For Malaysia main shopping attraction, looks like the government doesn’t need to do the list, private funding will bring the solution to the public. They don’t just bring up the list but brings you more like hotels detail information, maps, photos and recommended tours throughout the Malaysian capital.

Not just that, you also can book the hotels directly from the list. For example the kl-hotels.com website. They have all the list and info for Kuala Lumpur hotels. The domain name itself will make you easily understand.

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tat nyonya

Our National Tart

I don’t think that tart is originated locally here. But if you type kuih tart, or tart nanas, you will find all the queries about tart recipes from top to bottom. That tells you how famous is the tart here in Malaysia.

Malaysian Tart are Pineapple Tart. From I was a kid I know this pineapple tart. During Hari Raya or Gong Xi Fa Cai even Deepavali we will found the pineapple tart. If I born in 1980s, I guess the history of this pineapple tart way back 50 years before the independence because my grandma also talk about this pineapple tart when she was small.

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— asmaliana

postcode malaysia

Malaysia Poskod finder

The term poskod here is referring to postcode. The easiest way to find a postcode for all the place in Malaysia is by using the source directly – That is Malaysia Post Office. Malaysia Post Office or more recognized as Pos Malaysia already have the system in their website here.

The system from Pos Malaysia will return your query for the code,location and nearest Post Office are located. But if you find a problem with the system, I think an independent guy also created an Online Post Code searches for us at poskod dot com.

— asmaliana

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