Our National Tart

I don’t think that tart is originated locally here. But if you type

Malaysia Poskod finder

The term poskod here is referring to postcode. The easiest way to find

The lost world of Malaysia

For adventure type and nature lovers, the word ‘The Lost World’ sounds so

Bring your own pillow on a flight…

A pillow will remain at the bedroom. You don’t bring your own pillow

Where to find a 5 star spa?

By asking the taxi driver? phone directory services? They can easily point you a 5 star hotel but a spa? I think can’t. At the moment people still don’t match

Drink tea and learn at Zheng He

At Jalan Kuli, in the heart of Melaka Old China Town, you can learn how to drink tea. Literally everybody can drink tea. Just put the tea, pour hot water

Not Malaysian natural climate

In Malaysia, few times if lucky, tourist will experience some kind of fog daylight. Fog usually happen here in the morning or at the hill areas . This type of