tat nyonya

Our National Tart

I don’t think that tart is originated locally here. But if you type kuih tart, or tart nanas, you will find all the queries about tart recipes from top to bottom. That tells you how famous is the tart here in Malaysia.

Malaysian Tart are Pineapple Tart. From I was a kid I know this pineapple tart. During Hari Raya or Gong Xi Fa Cai even Deepavali we will found the pineapple tart. If I born in 1980s, I guess the history of this pineapple tart way back 50 years before the independence because my grandma also talk about this pineapple tart when she was small.

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postcode malaysia

Malaysia Poskod finder

The term poskod here is referring to postcode. The easiest way to find a postcode for all the place in Malaysia is by using the source directly – That is Malaysia Post Office. Malaysia Post Office or more recognized as Pos Malaysia already have the system in their website here.

The system from Pos Malaysia will return your query for the code,location and nearest Post Office are located. But if you find a problem with the system, I think an independent guy also created an Online Post Code searches for us at poskod dot com.

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maliau basin the telegraph

The lost world of Malaysia

For adventure type and nature lovers, the word ‘The Lost World’ sounds so intriguing to them. The word lost world remind us of movies like Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones and The Lost World of Atlantis.

The mysteries and new findings in The lost world will motivate people to explore it. The lost world always describe like very remote area, no inhabitant, usually prohibited areas by the natives, no basic land access and usually surrounded with misty jungle.

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skyrest pillow

Bring your own pillow on a flight…

A pillow will remain at the bedroom. You don’t bring your own pillow during flight. A headrest is a normal option. But the crave for a real pillow during a long travel has produced an idea for practical pillow that you can use during flight.

It’s SkyRest® Inflatable Travel Pillow.

The creator claim that this pillow facilitates a comfortable sleep while leaning forward on an airplane. It’s portable because it can easy inflation/deflation. If you curious about it, you can have a look or ordered it here.

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Where to find a 5 star spa?

By asking the taxi driver? phone directory services? They can easily point you a 5 star hotel but a spa? I think can’t. At the moment people still don’t match Spa for a star rating.

People from Tourism Ministry already starting to give ratings for spa. The ratings ranging from 1 to 5. Of course higher the better. So you can browse here at the Ministry of Tourism official portal to find the stars…

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zheng he

Drink tea and learn at Zheng He

At Jalan Kuli, in the heart of Melaka Old China Town, you can learn how to drink tea. Literally everybody can drink tea. Just put the tea, pour hot water and just drinklah. Add the sugar accordingly.

But what you can learn at Zheng He tea house is an art originating from China 4000 years ago. Of course there are many others who practice this tea art and Zheng He tea house are among it. This place is devoted for tea, not like the modern kopitiam where you can order everything.

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Not Malaysian natural climate

In Malaysia, few times if lucky, tourist will experience some kind of fog daylight. Fog usually happen here in the morning or at the hill areas . This type of fog is cool and refreshing.

But the other type of fog can make the whole day very dim. Plus you can look up at the sun is a disaster. It’s the haze from land clearing fires. Not originated locally but from the neighboring countries. Read in the latest news here.

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