Fall in love with Malaysia water falls..

There are many water falls here, I bet Malaysian know only 2 or

Month of fine dining in Malaysia…

Huge potential in fine dining By SHAUN HO metro@thestar.com.my THE fine-dining scene in

World Heritage Calendar for download

Download here. Although it’s nearly at the end of 2011, the calendar can

Create your own ice cream flavor

Ice cream will always have a good market in Malaysia. In fact, although

How to get alliance with the rainforest

A conifer forest type, pic from Wikipedia… Many of the world nature movement or society talk about rainforest. Only few talks about conifer forest. Many of these movement or society

Kuala Lumpur Hotel list…

For Malaysia main shopping attraction, looks like the government doesn’t need to do the list, private funding will bring the solution to the public. They don’t just bring up the

Our National Tart

I don’t think that tart is originated locally here. But if you type kuih tart, or tart nanas, you will find all the queries about tart recipes from top to