Create your own ice cream flavor

Ice cream will always have a good market in Malaysia. In fact, although

How to get alliance with the rainforest

A conifer forest type, pic from Wikipedia… Many of the world nature movement

Kuala Lumpur Hotel list…

For Malaysia main shopping attraction, looks like the government doesn’t need to do

Our National Tart

I don’t think that tart is originated locally here. But if you type

Malaysia Poskod finder

The term poskod here is referring to postcode. The easiest way to find a postcode for all the place in Malaysia is by using the source directly – That is

The lost world of Malaysia

For adventure type and nature lovers, the word ‘The Lost World’ sounds so intriguing to them. The word lost world remind us of movies like Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones and

Bring your own pillow on a flight…

A pillow will remain at the bedroom. You don’t bring your own pillow during flight. A headrest is a normal option. But the crave for a real pillow during a