royal langkawi

Yacht Complex in Malaysia

Yacht at Royal Langkawi…

As Malaysia is surrounded by a sea from west ,east and north, of course there will be somebody playing with yacht here. To make it more interesting, Malaysia also have world class competition for sailing- Monsoon Cup. Monsoon Cup 2011 will be held on this 22 to 27 November 2011. Same place every year at Pulau Duyong Terengganu Malaysia.

The government through Majlis Sukan Negara have a complex for those who want involve in this sport – boat, sailing..Langkawi Sail boat/ yacht Sport Complex. Yacht Club are considered prestigious. So most of the yacht club here have a ‘Royal’ touch, like Royal Langkawi Yacht Club and Royal Selangor Yacht Club.

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base jump

Sky Diving in Malaysia

This is not sky dive but base jump at Kl. Read it on the news here.

Before this I think that only Arm Forces can experience jumping from a plane and landed with a parachute. Now normal people also can do it. It’s a sport. In country like US the sport is already common to the people.

Sky diving is among sports that you cannot have all the equipment. So you must rent this and that. Obviously it is not easy to have an airplane for us although we can buy the parachute. Like golf for example, you can still play it in your lawn. But you can’t jump as you like at any building, you must consult the authority first.

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flood bangkok

Bangkok Alternatives

We must admit that Bangkok is among world famous destination with some of its aspect not even Kuala Lumpur can match. But now, world are eying for Bangkok updates on flood. Thailand is also our main source of rice. News said some International Corporation also affected like Sony Corp. and Honda Motor Co. Read in the news here.

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international show

International Show for November and December

So if you plan to go for some grand and International concert for example, you can check at few site for like ticket pro. A place for you to buy the tickets. If you look at it there are few International Show starting from November onwards. For theater lover they got Kings & Queen Of Comedy Asia 2 featuring Stand Up comedian from Asia. I only know Harith Iskandar..For those who like to fight like a man, there is The Challenger Muaythai Grand Finale in 19 November. My hb like to watch this series on AXN. Got International concert too. It’s Pitbull – DiGi Presents Pitbull Live in Malaysia. I don’t know Pitbull, but maybe we use to like the song in Radio but don’t know who is singing the song….

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taman buaya melaka

Group tour in Melaka

Melaka are becoming hot spot for group tour especially for School Students and Government department all over the countries. The hot item will be Melaka River Cruise because at one time the parking lot are full with buses until it is hard to find space for your car. Menara Taming Sari can’t be miss also. Next is at the Zoo area in Ayer Keroh and after that Heritage Zone in Banda Hilir.

As school holidays are near, Hotels and MICE facilities such as banquet hall are almost fully booked. Why mice facilities? Well there will be many weddings and private events. Famous place for MICE is like Melaka International Trade Center (MITC).

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End of the year Motivation for Ladies…

YES season is back. Year end sales as usual from 15 November to 1 January 2012.

So you already got an online wishlist from early this year, you might on the midst to get special gift from your love one. There are many website that offer wishlist application which you can use it to share to everyone what do you want especially for special occasion. Even facebook have it.

Well there will always not enough shoes and bags for ladies…So you can already plan your journey to YES 2011 starting now..

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