Space Virgin and Astrourism

While Space travel and tourism is still virgin, Virgin Galactic will be the

Place in Malaysia by food

Asam Pedas Melaka, pic from surianee flickr.. In many places around the world,

Malaysia commitment on tourism got recognition

United Nation (UN), under United Nations World Travel Organisation (UNWTO) and World Travel

What is your traveling watch?

Stuhrling Original Men’s 118.331516 Lifestyle ‘World Traveler’ Swiss Watch-$162.50 — asmaliana

Museum and Restaurant

The Musuem Cafe at Jonker Street Melaka.. In any part of the world, place with many old and historical building, there will be a desire to turn the builing into

7th World Junior & Cadet Karate Championships

If you think Karate is just about chopping something with your hand till it split into two, you are wrong. Karate is also like other martial art, using all sort

Fall in love with Malaysia water falls..

There are many water falls here, I bet Malaysian know only 2 or 3 water falls in their mind. But for nature and adventure lover, there are tens of water