Cuti-cuti Satu Malaysia

Watch this video because we are heading to the end of the year

Bangkok Alternatives

We must admit that Bangkok is among world famous destination with some of

International Show for November and December

So if you plan to go for some grand and International concert for

Group tour in Melaka

Melaka are becoming hot spot for group tour especially for School Students and

End of the year Motivation for Ladies…

YES season is back. Year end sales as usual from 15 November to 1 January 2012. So you already got an online wishlist from early this year, you might on

Children indoor fun at Mahkota Parade

End of the year will be the monsoon. Flood in Bangkok is worst as seen on TV. I heard the Government are preparing for the biggest flood security plan for

Not just local product, but talent…

At present commercial advertisement and billboard usually choose models with European or Pan Asian look. As we all agreed those white skin and natural blond hair models are beautiful for