melaka tourism award 2011

Melaka Tourism Award 2010/2011

The Melaka Tourism Award 20/10/2011 was already given on 18 of November 2011 at Holiday Inn Melaka. I just list down the winner according to the category:

1. Most Innovative Tour Guide – Mr. Desmond Liau
2. Best Supporting Local Tour Operator – UTAS Travel Worldwide Holidays Sdn. Bhd.
3. Best Foreign Inbound Tour Operator – IPC Tour & Travel P/L Singapore
4. Best Tourist Attraction Tradtional House – Kampung Duyong-Pn. Fatimah Bt. Mat
5. Best Tourist Attraction Musuem Gallery – Cheng Ho Cultural Museum
6. Best Tourist Attraction Agro Tourism – Giant BB Town
7. Best Tourist Attraction Recreational – Zoo Melaka
8. Best Tourist Attraction Health Tourism – Mahkota Medical Centre
9. Best Tourist Attraction – Melaka My 2ND Home – Ocean Palm Condominium
10. Best Tourist Attraction – Shopping Experience – Aeon Bandaraya Melaka Shopping Centre.
11. Best Green Hotel – Philea Resort & Spa
12. Best Homestay – Homestay Sungai Rambai
13. Best Tourist Attraction, Best Signature Food for Hotel Outlet – Bamboo Hut Bistro S/B – River Cruise Dinner.
14. Best Tourist Attraction, Best Signature Food for Restaurant & Cafe – Veggie Plant.
15. Best Tourist Attraction, Best Signature Food for Stall / Warong – Perigi Enterprise Mee.
16. Best Malay Restaurant – Asam Pedas Selera Kg.
17. Best Chinese Restaurant – Restoran Pei Zing (Melaka) Sdn. Bhd.
18. Best Indian Restaurant – Restoran Saravana
19. Best Baba Nyonya Restaurant – Restoran Amy Heritage & Nyonya Cuisine
20. Best Hotel Outlet – King & I Thai Restaurant
21. Excellence in Hotel Services For 5 Star – Renaissance Hotel Melaka
22. Excellence in Hotel Services For 4 Star – Holiday Inn Hotel Melaka
23. Excellence in Hotel Services For 3 Star – Puteri Resort Ayer Keroh Melaka
24. Excellence in Hotel Services For 2 Star – Malacca Straits Hotel
25. Excellence in Hotel Services For 1 Star – Aldy Thoo Hotel
26. Excellence in Hotel Services For Budget Hotel – Fenix Inn Hotel

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hop on hop off

Hop on hop off

Surely public transport is all you hope for when travel to countries that you never been there before. Well in Kuala Lumpur, you can rely on the hop on hop off bus.

With one ticket, that valid 24hours or 48 hours, you can just sit in the bus for the whole day listening to a recorded tour guide with many different language or drop at any attraction you like to explore on foot then hop on back to the bus until you get tired.

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Wildlife Theater Melaka

This school holiday season got more option for you to go as Wildlife Theater Melaka is expected to open starting this 26 November 2011. Located at Pulau Melaka, you can enjoy the trio of sea lions performing live in man made pool.

Other than that, Melaka wildlife theater also houses wide range of bird species for public viewing. The main theater, the places where you can watch the sea lions can accommodate 800 visitors at on time.

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smd quessant

SMD Quessant Agosta 70

The Submarine in 2001 pic from wikipedia

SMD Ouessant Agosta 70 is a name for submarine, to spell it correctly you must spell it in french. Now the submarine museum project is almost complete and public can get a preview of it for 10 days. Starting from this 22 November.

Place at Dataran 1Malaysia Klebang. This submarine have the length of 67.5 meter and 11.7 meter high. This French Navy submarine has served the French Navy until her 2001 decommissioning. After that it was used as a training submarine for Royal Malaysian Navy From 2005 to 2009.

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Pantai Puteri Hotel – Wakaf Hotel

News from Berita Harian.

Melaka through Majlis Agama Islam Melaka (MAIM) a State Islamic Council with Jabatan Wakaf, Zakat dan Haji (JAWHAR) a federal agency already launch the first Wakaf Hotel. The Wakaf Hotel is located along beach area at Pantai Puteri Melaka is called Pantai Puteri Hotel. It was launched by His Majesty Yang di-Pertuan Agong, Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin last Friday.

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kid tracker

Prevent Missing child on tour

Pic from omaq..

The most eerie thing that comes quickly to parents mind is when they could not see or hear their child in a busy shopping mall. Announcement of a missing child in a supermarket is not something strange this day.

So the most conventional method of dealing with it are like put them together in the shopping cart or just hold hand together. Other than that you can try latest gadget on locating your child. It’s like they are making Agent Bond equipment for mass production.

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