3 Nation Charity Ride 2011 – Melaka

This week Melaka will be crowded with Bikers with their big bike. From

Prevent Missing child on tour

Pic from omaq.. The most eerie thing that comes quickly to parents mind

Yacht Complex in Malaysia

Yacht at Royal Langkawi… As Malaysia is surrounded by a sea from west

Sky Diving in Malaysia

This is not sky dive but base jump at Kl. Read it on

Cuti-cuti Satu Malaysia

Watch this video because we are heading to the end of the year and it means holiday and Mak Jah will be busy again entertaining the guest! — asmaliana

Bangkok Alternatives

We must admit that Bangkok is among world famous destination with some of its aspect not even Kuala Lumpur can match. But now, world are eying for Bangkok updates on

International Show for November and December

So if you plan to go for some grand and International concert for example, you can check at few site for like ticket pro. A place for you to buy