Melaka Tourism Award 2010/2011

The Melaka Tourism Award 20/10/2011 was already given on 18 of November 2011

Hop on hop off

Surely public transport is all you hope for when travel to countries that

Wildlife Theater Melaka

This school holiday season got more option for you to go as Wildlife

SMD Quessant Agosta 70

The Submarine in 2001 pic from wikipedia… SMD Ouessant Agosta 70 is a

Pantai Puteri Hotel – Wakaf Hotel

News from Berita Harian. Melaka through Majlis Agama Islam Melaka (MAIM) a State Islamic Council with Jabatan Wakaf, Zakat dan Haji (JAWHAR) a federal agency already launch the first Wakaf

3 Nation Charity Ride 2011 – Melaka

This week Melaka will be crowded with Bikers with their big bike. From 18th November to 20th November 2011 at Mahkota Hotel. The official link for registration is here. —

Prevent Missing child on tour

Pic from omaq.. The most eerie thing that comes quickly to parents mind is when they could not see or hear their child in a busy shopping mall. Announcement of