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Here is a good start for a new year. Don’t think of the Mayan prophecies 2012 to much because eventually all living creature will come to an end not matter what year or date. The MIZUNO WAVE RUN MALAYSIA 2012 will be starting in January 15 2012. The registration is only for 4000 runners only. Maybe it is almost full right now. Go at www.myraceonline.com.my for more info and participation.

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Traveling is very healthy…

As we walk to the future, our life are being simplified by machine and technology. The purposed of the technology are making life more easier but not so easy on your pocket. Like cooking, evolve from using wood to produce fire, than gasoline, liquid gas and to date no fire at all but still you can cook.

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Shop duty free in Malaysia

There are not many duty free place for shopping created by the government because you already know that duty is for our inland revenue. But the government still allowed some place to be duty free for tourist attraction especially for the International tourist. Usually we can find duty free shop at Malaysia International Airport or borders.

From custom dept. website :


Duty Free Shops were established for the first time in Penang following the withdrawal of its free port status towards the end of 1977, with the aim of allowing tourists to gain access of duty free goods in the island.

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Extra batteries during travel

Before touchscreen and always on mobile Internet, our mobile phone can last for more than 3 days. Now frequent usage of facebook and twitter application, the phone can only last for half a day. Other bringing extra batteries and the infamous China made solar powered universal charger, gadget like Mophie Juice Pack Air Case for i Phone is cool to use. By the way I think we can’t bring extra batteries for iPhone.

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Your budget travel destination this year….

People talk more about budget nowadays. 20 years ago it was less talk about budget, no budget airlines, no satellite TV combo pack or budget combo meal during lunch hour at nearest fast food restaurant. So if you can pay you buy if don’t have enough money than you can forget about it.

But now is different, business people must lure people to spend their money even though their budget are very tight. If just very rich people only can do everything and not very rich people don’t spend but keep saving their money, then the very rich people will not exist also. So now everyone can fly, every one can have a cellphone line, every one can eat lunch at fast food restaurant every day and so on.

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