Shop duty free in Malaysia

There are not many duty free place for shopping created by the government

Extra batteries during travel

Before touchscreen and always on mobile Internet, our mobile phone can last for

Your budget travel destination this year….

People talk more about budget nowadays. 20 years ago it was less talk

Vote for your favourite Shopping Mall

Vote and lucky voters can win Interesting travel vouchers from Tourism Malaysia. You

Melaka Beach Fest 2011

End of this November to December, usually government don’t recommend any activities at coastal area in Malaysia East Coast. This is because the monsoon period where the sea is dangerous

Salute to the Tigers!

I feel like today is a public holiday but it is not. Yesterday night the Harimau Muda squad won gold medal, 2 times in a row for foot ball games.

Book a Mystery Hotel this holiday?

This mystery hotel I’m talking about is not about a haunted or a ghost hotel. If you go to AirAsia Go website, you can book a Mystery hotel at the