Can u see the total lunar eclipse?

Can’t you see the the last lunar eclipse for this year. Some of us can see it clearly but some of us can’t see anything because it is according to the weather at your place and god will. I can see it clearly from my hometown Melaka. The info from national planetarium here says that we can only see it again in 2014. So the fans of Edward Cullen must wait another 2 years….

The picture taken with my cheap mobile phone..of course it means nothing…

— asmaliana

miss tourism malaysia

Promoting Malaysia to the Beauties…

Of course promotion take a lot of effort and also money. To get people around the world to know what we have involve a lot of resources and must be continuous to make awareness to the target market. But some big impact industries like Professional Football team doesn’t need much marketing. For example there are many Man. United fans out here that can spell the player name one by one. The team itself are automatically promoting their place,their stadium and their country to the world.

Although beauty pageant is not as popular as Man U and have die hard fan as foot ball, it still have the impact of its own. At least International media interested in writing it. Like THE Miss Tourism International 2011 World Final, held in Malaysia every year- does the job..

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— asmaliana


Have you seen the Actroid?

Actroid pic and info from wikipedia here..

I bet when I say android almost everyone will easily understand what it is. Mostly we will understand it as a latest touch screen phone that hit the world since last year. Although actually android is a human robot in sci-fi movies. Because it’s a human robot, so robot like Asimo is not an android, it’s a robot.

In reality the famous existing android is located in Japan. They called it Actroid. This Actroid can be considered a celebrity in robot world. The actroid is created according to young Japanese lady look. Now the Actroid is here in Malaysia at Pusat Sains Negara, Bukit Kiara Kuala Lumpur. The exhibition is called encyclopedia of the actroid.

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— asmaliana

only tourist

24 mil tourist for 2011

Tourism minister expected that tourist will continued to flow steadily to Malaysia although few parts of the world having uncertain scenario like recent Japan earthquake, political unrest in middle east, Europe economic problem and recent Bangkok big flood.

“Tourism Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ng Yen Yen said the ministry was multiplying efforts to ensure the number of tourists to the country remained stable in the coming years.The efforts included focusing on potential countries to lure tourists and
discussions with foreign airlines to have direct flights into the country, in addition to the MAS service.”

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— asmaliana


Running for your fun

Here is a good start for a new year. Don’t think of the Mayan prophecies 2012 to much because eventually all living creature will come to an end not matter what year or date. The MIZUNO WAVE RUN MALAYSIA 2012 will be starting in January 15 2012. The registration is only for 4000 runners only. Maybe it is almost full right now. Go at for more info and participation.

— asmaliana

massage chair

Traveling is very healthy…

As we walk to the future, our life are being simplified by machine and technology. The purposed of the technology are making life more easier but not so easy on your pocket. Like cooking, evolve from using wood to produce fire, than gasoline, liquid gas and to date no fire at all but still you can cook.

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— asmaliana

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