Can u see the total lunar eclipse?

Can’t you see the the last lunar eclipse for this year. Some of

Promoting Malaysia to the Beauties…

Of course promotion take a lot of effort and also money. To get

Have you seen the Actroid?

Actroid pic and info from wikipedia here.. I bet when I say android

24 mil tourist for 2011

Tourism minister expected that tourist will continued to flow steadily to Malaysia although

Painting the history…

In a good weather, Banda Hilir usually will be the choice for visitors to take a picture or paint a picture…For the painters just don’t sit too near to the

Running for your fun

Here is a good start for a new year. Don’t think of the Mayan prophecies 2012 to much because eventually all living creature will come to an end not matter

Traveling is very healthy…

As we walk to the future, our life are being simplified by machine and technology. The purposed of the technology are making life more easier but not so easy on