Malaysia for International Film Location

It will be a proud and exciting moment when Hollywood choose Malaysia as film location. Most of us will remember the Entrapment starring Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta Jones. Film like this is the best because many of the scenes featuring Malaysia recognizable landmark like The Petronas Twin Towers and Malaysia LRT.

Other that Entrapment, I think International movies that we can remember is Anna & The King, shot somewhere in Perak. Jackie Chan film Police Story 3: Super Cop, few others Hong Kong movies, Bollywood like Yaadein and Don 2.

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— asmaliana

mr ray mabus

I met with the Secretary of the Navy

Few weeks ago United States Secretary of the Navy was here in Melaka for short non official visit. It’s Mr. Ray Mabus the 75th United States Secretary of the Navy. We help him to find suitable antique shop around Hereen Street and Jonker Street. I think we don’t have post like Secretary of the Navy in Malaysia. In United States, The Secretary of the Navy is responsible for conducting all the affairs of the Department of the Navy and work directly under President and the Secretary of Defense.

With Mr. Ray Mabus (Blue Shirt).

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— asmaliana

Count down 2012 at Jonker Street

Other than Taming Sari, there will be also New Year Eve count down at Jonker Sreet this Saturday. The ambiance will be bit difference in Jonker Street, CNY Atmosphere, old skool and indie. Jonker Walk Committee chairman Datuk Wira Gan Boon Leong the Melaka tough guy also remind visitors to not bring and use snow spray during the celebration. Read the news here.

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legoland jb

Unlimited access to the 1st International theme park in Malaysia

Did you children heard the news about Legoland? You better save the 2013 budget specifically for this because the theme park is not like other theme park in Malaysia. Legoland is design specifically for families with kids from 3-11. So in theory your children will not get bored easily. If your kid have the original lego set at home then they will easily get attached to the theme park.

At airasiaredtix.com, you can buy a limited amount of discounted pre-opening annual passes. With the pass, you can get unlimited access to the park until 31.12.2013. So check the availability at airasiaredtix.com or legoland.com.my.

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The most talked about premium outlets in Malaysia

Not duty free shop in Langkawi, Pavilion or the one in KLCC. They talked about Johor now. The JPO alias Johor Premium Outlets. Just open on December but last week news paper reported that visitors complain for more bigger eating area. Shoppers come to the JPO with families and with the crowd size look like they went shopping at any average shopping complex.

JPO got 80 premium brand outlets. With Brand Name like Armani,Burberry and Salvatore Ferragamo, average consumers may think that the price tag are not affordable. But with discount from 25% to 65% everyday, Let’s go to the PLUS highway and cruise south to find out about it. The website is here.

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ambang tahun baru

2012 New Year Eve Celeberations

Right now many of the event management committee are busy working for their final touch on new year countdown celebrations. The 2012 New Year Celebration will be held from State to National Level in Malaysia. Of course many of the youngsters will choose federal capital Kuala Lumpur to hang out during the Saturday night. In Kuala Lumpur, as usual the favorite place will be The Dataran Merdeka “Malam Ambang Tahun Baru 2012” with concert from popular local artistes.

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— asmaliana

The Sterling

Hotel with a Brit feels…

Although we never sat foot on it, The Sterling Hotel Melaka with the room name like The Leyton & The Stoke Mandeville, The Windsor,The Riley,The Brighton,The Churchill – We can imagine the theme and the design. British Influence. So this new hotel will join other European style Old buildings around the area such as Dutch and Portuguese.

Located in Jalan Temenggong, quite a busy one way street that Melakkan always used to go from Banda Hilir to other site of the town like Jalan Hang Tuah, Bunga Raya or return back to Dataran Pahlawan / Mahkota Parade.

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— asmaliana

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