2012 Croc file…

Although the largest crocodile farm maybe in Langkawi (corrected me if I’m wrong),

Far away bird at Ayer Keroh

I found this old article about Ayer Keroh forest reserve that attracted many

Ancient Zhou wedding ritual in Malacca

It is not easy to watch Malaysian Chinese performing their true heritage wedding

Congratulation to Aileen!

Aileen Gabriella Robinson from Malaysia is the winner for Miss Tourism International 2011.

Malaysia for International Film Location

It will be a proud and exciting moment when Hollywood choose Malaysia as film location. Most of us will remember the Entrapment starring Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta Jones. Film

I met with the Secretary of the Navy

Few weeks ago United States Secretary of the Navy was here in Melaka for short non official visit. It’s Mr. Ray Mabus the 75th United States Secretary of the Navy.

Count down 2012 at Jonker Street

Other than Taming Sari, there will be also New Year Eve count down at Jonker Sreet this Saturday. The ambiance will be bit difference in Jonker Street, CNY Atmosphere, old