Another animal classified as totally protected species in Malaysia

Malaysia have diversity of wildlife species and some of them are critically endangered

Melaka is among 45 places to go in 2012

45 places to go in 2012 not on Malaysian soil but on New

Best in travel for 2012

What is your dream travel for 2012? Got any yet? Lonely planet got

2012 Croc file…

Although the largest crocodile farm maybe in Langkawi (corrected me if I’m wrong),

Far away bird at Ayer Keroh

I found this old article about Ayer Keroh forest reserve that attracted many species of local bird and migratory bird. The bird watchers from Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) have recorded

Ancient Zhou wedding ritual in Malacca

It is not easy to watch Malaysian Chinese performing their true heritage wedding ritual. You can see all the bridal gallery are full with modern themes and because they do

Congratulation to Aileen!

Aileen Gabriella Robinson from Malaysia is the winner for Miss Tourism International 2011. This Miss Tourism International 2011 defeated 53 competitors from other continent. Aileen a 22-year-old dance instructor is