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Nihon Hotel Puri

Usually website got dual language, first native and second English. But there are countries where English language is not been preferred like Japan, China, Korea or Russia. Their people proud of using their own language from speaking to writing. We even used translation application when browsing a website from those countries.

One of Melaka boutique hotel, Hotel Puri got their own version of website in Japanese. Maybe they got many guest from Japan. It is good to have other specific language in our website to attract niche market or guest. The development of the website is better using in house expertise rather than using translation software to avoid error.

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CNY 2012 and Dragon Seeding

At Jusco Bandaraya
I bet a massive traffic right now at all shopping mall because of Chinese New Year 2012 last minute shopping and the government servant already got an early pay. As usual many of the shopping mall have red decorative themes for the celebration. Red lantern big and small. Although this is a multiracial country , the local government also very supportive by hanging the red lantern at every main street.

Also there are many traders selling Dragon Seeding Plant to coincide with 2012 Dragon Year according to Chinese Zodiak.

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world friendliest country

Malaysia is among World friendliest Country

Recently Forbes has release a survey on level of friendliness among countries in the world. Among 15 shortlisted Malaysia is Number 10. Our nearest neighbor listed are Singapore at number 14 and Philippines at number 8. Well let keeps our warm hospitality Malaysian style to guest and visitors as always. We got it all, peaceful nation, economically stable and good law enforcement. So we just need to ourselves – More polite, warm hearted and accept every guest with open hand. Although Malaysian should improve more on attitude when driving.

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call flight

Phone call above 4,000 metres

Some Airlines have a facilities where you can make use of your mobile phone just like in the ground. So you don’t need to switch off while in the flight except maybe during take-off and landing. The technology call OnAir. Not all Airlines company have it. So if you are just falling in love with some one and must text your partner every 5 minutes then seek Airlines with OnAir Service.

Read more about OnAir here. I read that Air Asia have it. Others like Qatar Airways, Royal Jordanian, Saudi Arabian Airlines..

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Your surfing technology for 2012

I heard many complaint about Malaysia Internet provider on the blog and online forum mainly about the speed performance. Some also said that our Internet price are higher than neighboring countries base on the connection speed. Well I don’t find out about that. For me I used both the broadband and telephoned line.

Base on World Broadband Penetration Rankings by Household here, the sales department will not worried because they still can sell more to the Malaysian..

I have started using the Internet since the TM home modem dial up with 56kbps speed. After that upgraded into Streamyx home broadband and wireless broadband from Digi. In the past 2 years we have seen more choices for Internet packages. All mobile telephone company offer their own Internet instead of Telekom Malaysia before this. Then brand like P1 and YES. TM net now going fiber optics for home user with Unifi. With Unifi we can now really make use of the Internet TV application.

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qater airways economy class

World Best Airlines 2011 cabin look like….

Qatar Airways Boeing 777 Economy-Class seat, pic from eglobaltravelmedia

For 2011, Qatar Airways is the World’s Best Airline at 2011 World Airline Awards™ held at the Paris Air Show. If you look into the list, from 1 to 10, it is dominated by Airlines company from Arab and Asia. Arab Airlines like The winner Qatar, Etihad Airways and Emirates. Surprisingly both of our neighbor also on the top 10 – Singapore Airlines & Thai Airways International. But unfortunately our Malaysian Airlines System can’t joint the club because not on the list. Other from Asia is Asiana Airlines from Korea.

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