dino alive

Dinos Alive at Dataran Pahlawan

Dinosaurs and pre-historic creature are now displayed at Dataran Pahlawan Melaka. I think some of us might have seen this kind of dinosaurs exhibition in Kuala Lumpur. Actually Dinos Alive have already been placed in few other countries during their world tour. You can read it at their website.

Your kid will learn the fact about all the dinosaurs. Well… in this information age, fact is not a big deal because with the Internet we can digest as many information as we want . Lot of information at your fingertip but lack of hands on experience. So get your children up from the computer desk and head up to see real motorized dinosaurs. Ticket RM10…

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man u mamee

Manchester United fans can come to Melaka this March

As all of the Malaysian Manchester United fans know, one of Melaka based company Mamee-Double Decker (M) Berhad signed a three-year sponsorship with this world famous football club. So now you should see Mister Potato at Old Trafford stadium board during games.

This March Mamee-Double Decker (M) Berhad will organized Manchester United football festival at Stadium Hang Jebat Melaka. A lot of football activities like watching live match at stadium screen, stage performance, local football players and many more. So MU fans watch out for latest update at Mister Potato facebook.

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time square

More than 20 million visitors anually

You guess what is the most visited tourist attraction on earth? Disney Land? Egypt Pyramid? According to travelandleisure.com, it will be Times Square, New York City, USA. They have summarized about 51 most visited tourist attraction. So Times Square New York City listed in number one with 39,200,000 annual visitors. Although it is only a city street, Times Square, iconified as “The Crossroads of the World”

Pic from wikipedia..

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kid real live jacket

Preventive measure at public beaches

Recently we read stories about children and teen drowning while picnic with family in Kuantan Pahang and Kota Tinggi Johor. To lost our loves one while we are having fun times together is really terrible for all of us. The sad memories can affect us for a very long time.

Malaysia got long beaches area surrounding the country from east to west. Usually beaches in west coast of Malaysia got lower sea waves than the east coast. East coast got strong wave and getting stronger on monsoon season. So east coast beach area are more risky because the open South China Sea. While west coast resulting more calmer water from the Strait of Melaka.

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cny jonker street

Melaka street always alive during CNY

Pic and many more lovely picture of CNY Melaka at juesatta.com..

During Chinese New Year, Melaka Street like Jonker Steet and Jalan Hang Kasturi will be favorite spot for photographer and journalist nationally to get the best picture representing the colorful celebration of Chinese New Year in Malaysia. Those street got committee and Chinese Organization actively promote cultural activities like lion dance,hinese opera show, puppet show and decoration.

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hotel puri

Nihon Hotel Puri

Usually website got dual language, first native and second English. But there are countries where English language is not been preferred like Japan, China, Korea or Russia. Their people proud of using their own language from speaking to writing. We even used translation application when browsing a website from those countries.

One of Melaka boutique hotel, Hotel Puri got their own version of website in Japanese. Maybe they got many guest from Japan. It is good to have other specific language in our website to attract niche market or guest. The development of the website is better using in house expertise rather than using translation software to avoid error.

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