Bed bug free

Recently Melaka State doing a campaign on bed bug free. Do you think

New Bird hotspot in Melaka

Malaysian already familiar with Tanjung Tuan for bird watching. Tanjung Tuan are famous

GPI Map 2011 – Malaysia 19th place

GPI map online here. Just want to re-freshen back the info about our

Finding out world bank notes…

Sao Tome notes, ever heard of it?, pic from A traveler need

Travel and Carry Ons..

For frequent traveler, they got all sort of kit. The kit for travel usually small and easy to carry when mobile. Among the objective is also to pass the immigration

For those who cheated Tourist in Malaysia…

From itslaw… They will face the tribunal. Under the Ministry of Domestic Trade, Co-operatives and Consumerism, The Tribunal for Consumer Claims (TTPM) will ensure consumer right are protected. This also

Fishy Malaysia

Apart from the the diversity of the jungle, Malaysia also got rich source of water life. Peninsular Malaysia is surrounded with fishing spot because all of the State in Peninsular