Coconut Shaker

A typical coconut shake with ice cream topping… Coconut tree is common for

Mural @ Melaka River

About a year ago, a group of UiTM Students doing a Melaka State

Our own world class viewing platform

Source… Actually the Langkawi Sky Bridge is one of the world’s highest single-support

Bed bug free

Recently Melaka State doing a campaign on bed bug free. Do you think

New Bird hotspot in Melaka

Malaysian already familiar with Tanjung Tuan for bird watching. Tanjung Tuan are famous for Raptor type of Birds. Every year bird lovers will come to too Tanjung Tuan for Raptor

GPI Map 2011 – Malaysia 19th place

GPI map online here. Just want to re-freshen back the info about our Global Peace Index. GPI 2011 shows that Malaysia is the safest country in South East Asia and

Finding out world bank notes…

Sao Tome notes, ever heard of it?, pic from A traveler need money changer to exchange the notes to the desired country banknotes. Before that usually we find out