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Green 5 Star Hotel Malaysia

To be in the ‘Green Club’, we always refer to the 3R concept :

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

We heard about protect the environment long ago in our school days. But nowadays the initiative are more intensive with not only to the public but business and industry also adopting green practice.

For example hotels. Although we already paid for the room and service, some hotel appreciate if we do an efforts to re-use for example towels. One of the award winning Green 5 Star Hotel in Malaysia is Shangri-LA’s Tanjung Aru Resort and Spa, Sabah. Winner Notable Achievement for Malaysia Premier Environmental Award – Prime Minister Hibiscus Award.

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shoes festival

Win Santa Barbara & Fiorucci Shoes in Shoes Festival campaign

I think you already know and also already visit the 3rd Malaysia Shoes Festival. If you still not going there yet, still got time until 1st April maa. Well until that also you can play the Shoe Brand Matching Games by Tourism Malaysia. Just find the apps shoefest on Facebook. If you can play in the given time, you are eligible for the lucky draw…

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malua rain forest

your USD5 saves 50 square metres of Malua forest

Sabah is Malaysia most famous place for Eco-Tourism activities. Sabah got Great Mountain to Climb – Mt. Kinabalu, among world best diving place – Sipadan Island, Mabul Island. The rainforest at Sabah also inhabit by endangered species like Orang Utan, hairy rhinos and pygmy elephants.

Sabah has started an online initiative to protect the Malua Rainforest. Malua is located next to one of the last areas of virgin rainforest in Sabah, Malaysia on the island of Borneo. So preserving the ecosystem here is crucial for the future of the environment.

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Buy Shoes, date included in KL

This might interest you, one shoes boutique in Kuala Lumpur offers discount the shoes plus a mystery guy that maybe will be your future boyfriend/husband. So you got your shoes and your man. So single women can find shoes at ShoesShoesShoes outlet in KL. Every shoes have own date. So if you buy 3 shoes you got 3 dates with 3 respective guys.

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1 malaysia chopper

Get your bike ready for Malaysia

pic from nst.

Recently Prime Minister launched a bike tour packaged at PWTC. At the event PM was on an American Chopper. The 1Malaysia Chopper, which was designed and presented by Paul Teutul Sr. If you are not familiar with the name, many of us will easily recognized the big old guy with big arms with tattoos and thick mustache. Please watch Discovery Channel show American Chopper. In April and May episodes, the shows will featured Malaysia.

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ask air asia

You Need an Internet for Air Asia…

While every service industries improving their support service by enhancing Customer Care line or the 1800.. something number, Air Asia terminate their support hotline. Checkout the news about Why is AirAsia closing down its Malaysia Premium Line and Singapore Support Hotline here. This is not a very good news for angry customer who want to curse somebody on the phone.

Air Asia replacing their support line with their latest e-support system AskAirAsia. So if you have any question you just ask Lil’ Miss Red by typing….

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