Win Santa Barbara & Fiorucci Shoes in Shoes Festival campaign

I think you already know and also already visit the 3rd Malaysia Shoes

your USD5 saves 50 square metres of Malua forest

Sabah is Malaysia most famous place for Eco-Tourism activities. Sabah got Great Mountain

Buy Shoes, date included in KL

This might interest you, one shoes boutique in Kuala Lumpur offers discount the

Get your bike ready for Malaysia

pic from nst. Recently Prime Minister launched a bike tour packaged at PWTC.

You Need an Internet for Air Asia…

While every service industries improving their support service by enhancing Customer Care line or the 1800.. something number, Air Asia terminate their support hotline. Checkout the news about Why is

Coconut Shaker

A typical coconut shake with ice cream topping… Coconut tree is common for Malaysian. For ages all part of the coconut tree has been used by the locals. For example

Mural @ Melaka River

About a year ago, a group of UiTM Students doing a Melaka State Project painting a Mural to cheer up building along Melaka River. The project costing about RM1.6 million