World Islamic Tourism Mart 2012

Have you heard about it? Islamic tourism leading the way from 31st May to 2nd June 2012 in Kuala Lumpur. Because it is the first Islamic Tourism Mart, so it’s worth to visit. The venue will took place at 2 different places – Seri Pacific Hotel and Putra World Trade Center (PWTC).

You can look at the brochure here. The event will cater the needs for both Business and Consumer. Islamic Tourism is a big Market as more Muslim traveling outside especially to places where Islam is not main religion. So Halal package to place like this are highly sought for. Also, for non Muslim to travel to Muslim country. It is crucial for Muslim country to be safe for all as Islam emphasizes on high spiritual and moral value.

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mommy and kiddy

Thanks Mom!

Thanks mother for everything. Mothers day that are celebrated on every May second week of Sunday is only like a ringing alarm for us throughout the year. Our leaders, media, shopping mall and website will keep us reminded about the date. Good for the business too.

In this current generation, something like this also can help us spreading the good words. Because Television mean big influence now and our kids can also benefited from the good reminder on tv about loving your mom.

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hockey junior

7th Men’s Junior Hockey Asia Cup

From 3 to 13th May 2012, Junior Hockey Player from 8 countries will be playing here in Melaka.The eight are: Malaysia, South Korea, Iran and Japan in Group A, while in Group B are India, Pakistan, China and Sri Lanka. The event will took place at Bukit Serindit Hockey Stadium Melaka. The opening ceremony will be tonight 2nd May at Dataran Sungai Melaka. Malaysia Team need the support!

The tournament Secretariat at Mahkota Hotel…

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mean machine

Meanest car at Dataran Pahlawan this weekend

If you got nothing to do this weekend why not visit Dataran Pahlawan and Hatten Square for Mean Machines 2012. The best thing about car is although it look mean, people don’t afraid with it. Not like mean people. So as usual if there are modified cars, there will be car clubs of your interest, race aftermarket parts,racing stickers and of course sexy models….They got facebook here and in the news here.

— asmaliana

asam pedas

Asam Pedas Power

Asam Pedas is synonym with Melaka, like other state also like Penang Laksa or Muar Mee Bandung. Asam Pedas is Peppery Hot and Sour. It’s the gravy that brings the characteristics of the Asam Pedas. What inside the gravy can be anything from land to the sea – Fishes or meat.

You can find some good Asam Pedas Restaurant around Kota Laksamana. Kota Laksamana is where the Casa Del Rio hotel located. Asam Pedas restaurant in the picture is one of the example in Kota Laksamana. Except the Asam Pedas is served on a clay pot. So the peppery hot become more hotter. Standard dish is the Asam Pedas, white rice, slice of cucumber and salted egg.

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