7th Men’s Junior Hockey Asia Cup

From 3 to 13th May 2012, Junior Hockey Player from 8 countries will

The White Party

There is a party with number exclusively limited at Poolside 3rd floor at

Meanest car at Dataran Pahlawan this weekend

If you got nothing to do this weekend why not visit Dataran Pahlawan

Asam Pedas Power

Asam Pedas is synonym with Melaka, like other state also like Penang Laksa

Free plane from Air Asia X

Not only free seat, Air Asia giving you the whole Airbus A330-300 to you. You can see it from the picture and you will know how to find it at

Green 5 Star Hotel Malaysia

To be in the ‘Green Club’, we always refer to the 3R concept : Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. We heard about protect the environment long ago in our school days. But

Win Santa Barbara & Fiorucci Shoes in Shoes Festival campaign

I think you already know and also already visit the 3rd Malaysia Shoes Festival. If you still not going there yet, still got time until 1st April maa. Well until