Ukiran ais yang besar bangunan Sultan Abdul Samad

Saiznya amat besar di dalam bentuk ais yang diukir. Berukuran 18 meter tinggi,

Malaysia among top 10 best in travel…

Perhentian Island… Top ten at 10th place in Lonely Planet’s list of Best

Malacca in love

Jalan Ong Kim Wee Melaka also can be a good choice for accommodation

tripadvisor top 25 2013 – tidak tersenarai

Pic Rome from article How to explore Valentino’s city. Biasanya antara senarai yang

Passing by Banda Kaba

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Rio de Malacca

An artist’s impression of the Melaka Habour with the river became an important element during the Melaka Sultanate period (1400s), showing some of the buildings thought to be typical during

Melaka: Top 10 Countries for visitors arrival

The data is from 2008 to 2011. Melaka tourist arrival increasing every year..We narrowed it to top 10 countries. Facts about international tourist arrival (UNWTO World Tourism Organization): *Tourists (overnight