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More Dinasours in Melaka

Your Children maybe already familiar with dinosaur because of the Dinosaur Train TV series every morning on Astro Ceria. And Dinos Alive exhibition already in Melaka at Dataran Pahlawan. Now more dinosaur in Melaka and this time at Melaka Wonderland Theme Park.

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crucifix crab

Crucifix Crab of Melaka

News and pic from thestar.

Actually I miss this news last year. I just aware about it when seeing the crab being hang at the wall in a frame at Equatorial Hotel. It is said that the crab is last seen in Melaka shore since 1960s. So last year in September 2011, the crucifix crab was found by local fisherman but in small quantity. So many people especially Christian buy it not for eating but as a collection. One of the buyer must be Equatorial…

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Biggest McDonald’s

The biggest thing about McDonald’s you can think is Maybe the big mac. What is the biggest McDonald’s restaurant at your place? McDonald’s big or small always full with customers crave for it’s range of burgers.

Actually McDonald’s is official restaurant for Olympic games including this summer’s Olympic Games London. So there will be opening of World’s Biggest McDonald’s Restaurant there. The restaurant will seat 1,500 people and is about half the size of a football stadium.

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world responsible tourism day

About responsible tourism

There is another ‘Day’ to add into you general knowledge about tourism list. It’s ‘World Responsible Tourism Day 2012′. The official activity of this World Responsible Tourism Day will be held in London on 7th November 2012. You can browse the official website here.

Responsible Tourism is not another tourism sector or niche market. Responsible Tourism is a global practice supported by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). So they create the network among tour operators globally to spread the word about what is responsible tourism.

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Only need passport to enter Malaysia

No need to to fill in the Immigration Disembarkation Card, IMM.26 form starting from June 1st. So it will shorten the processing time when tourist arrive at country’s entry points.Before this the form is used to fulfilled the requirement of Tourism Ministry to record foreign tourist data. Now they have the ‘NERS’ system to record foreigners arrival. More about the news here.

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turtle day

Turtle have day too!

World Turtle Day
Apart from Mothers day, Teachers Day and Labour Day this May. There is a Turtle Day. We don’t celebrate it officially so we not really noticed it. But turtle day is well known for the nature activist like guys in the WWF or Turtle Conservation Society. World Turtle Day initiated in United States by American Tortoise Rescue celebrated in May 23rd.

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apple burger1

Apple Burger Restaurant and Old Bicycle

Apple Burger restaurant is typical Malay Restaurant along Lebuh AMJ besides Straits Meridian Hotel (know known as Hang Tuah Heritage Hotel). The restaurant is famous for the street style burger served with green apple. Because the owner is an antique bicycle collector, you can view all the collection while eating…

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