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Segway melaka fun ride and heritage tour

In front of the Bastion House at Banda Hilir. Iam also curious of how this 2 wheeler can operate without a person fall from it and look stable. In front of the Bastion house, I found out in the wikipedia that the founder of the Segway personal transport system is also owner of a company manufacturing the Hesco bastion product…

Segway i2 Personal Transporter

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EURO time converter

Until first July many of us will tried to sleep early and setting the alarm clock to match time zone in Poland-Ukraine. Other than looking at live schedule at the television or setting your time zone on the computer, there are many online time converter that can do the job very quickly. Site like timeanddate. com can convert International time and also other information too like weather and timezone map…

Wall Clock Timezone

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traffic lights

Tourist and travelers please pay attention to road safety

For pedestrian here, the encourage practice is to walk against the road traffic. The reason is we can see vehicle came towards us rather than we walk according to the flow. Vehicle from behind can be dangerous.

When you starting to drive, road next/near to you the traffic will be flowing to the left and the other side flowing to the right. Malaysia is country with left-hand traffic. As for 2010 data there are 20,188,565 vehicles registered in Malaysia with population of 28,910,000. In 2010 also, 414,421 road accidents recorded with 28,269 casualties and 6,872 death. Data from MIROS.

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Philea Father's Day Promotion

Celebrate Father’s Day @ Philea Resort!!

This weekend, 17th June will be a father’s day. It’s so meaningful to all father in the world. We only celebrate this father’s day only once a year. So, don’t forget to celebrate with your lovely father. Mostly, we plan to have a dinner or give a special present to him.

For me, my father is too special to me. He was a capten to me and always be my hero’s.

My Lovely Ayah

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My name is Chico!

Melaka Teddy Bear Ambassador!!!

I think will love a teddy bear. Same goes to me. I love teddy bear and I still kept my favorite teddy bear until now. It seems like your best friend. For me, I like Mickey Mouse but my daughter likes Hello Kitty so much. But for Casa del Rio, they also provide a teddy bear for your kids when you stay at this casa along the river. It’s me.

My name is Chico!

Actually, the teddy bear still don’t have a name. Right now they call me Chico. That means “little” in Spanish, but I don’t want to just be called “little bear”. Can I have a proper name please? I’m new to Casa del Rio and I’m here to keep the kids company at night and go home with them.

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