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Melaka Homestays update

Homestay Parit Penghulu Melaka in The Star.

Last time I write about Melaka homestays, there were 5 of them. Now under Tourism Ministry, Melaka have 7 homestays. The Melaka Homestays List are:

1)Homestay Parit Penghulu,
Mr Suparman Hj Abu/ Tn Hj Sarip Jais/ Puan Joreah Kasir
Tel: +6019-6442380/ +6013-6191983/ +6019-6659570
Fax: +606-2658050
Address: Homestay Parit Penghulu, KM32, Jalan Parit Penghulu, 77400 Sungai Rambai, Melaka

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Holiday Inn Melaka got certificate of excellence

Holiday Inn Melaka got 2012 Tripadvisor® Certificate of Excellence award. Tripadvisor® as we all know the world largest travel website and they even have a dot my to cover Malaysia travel industry. For Holiday Inn Melaka to get this kind of award, they must maintain an overall rating of four or higher, out of a possible five, as per reviewed by
travelers on TripAdvisor.

So the rating was given not by a professional body or jury but from travelers opinion itself. Read here for the PR.

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segway melaka1

Segway melaka fun ride and heritage tour

In front of the Bastion House at Banda Hilir. Iam also curious of how this 2 wheeler can operate without a person fall from it and look stable. In front of the Bastion house, I found out in the wikipedia that the founder of the Segway personal transport system is also owner of a company manufacturing the Hesco bastion product…

Segway i2 Personal Transporter

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EURO time converter

Until first July many of us will tried to sleep early and setting the alarm clock to match time zone in Poland-Ukraine. Other than looking at live schedule at the television or setting your time zone on the computer, there are many online time converter that can do the job very quickly. Site like timeanddate. com can convert International time and also other information too like weather and timezone map…

Wall Clock Timezone

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