clean up the river

Clean up the River!

River Cleaning Organize By Renaissance Melaka last month…

Cry me a river
Cry me a river, oh
Cry me a river, oh
Cry me a river, oh

Well like it or not our lives also flows with the river. Water from the tap are coming from the river- treated. Hundred years ago people just drink straight from the river. But now the damaged has already been done and most of the river is polluted. But still not to late. We can help to protect by keeping our river clean.

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boat from sabah

Floria 2012 blossom…

We got a chance to watch Floria 2012 at Putrajaya. As we go during night time, we enjoy watching the decorative colorful boats from all the states. Of course during night time it’s suitable to watch the colorfully lit decorative boat but not the flowers…I think better watch the flowers in the morning so you can have clear view of full blossom. Putrajaya Floria is until 8th July 2012.

Perbadanan Putrajaya futuristic office..

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PC Expo or PC Fair?

Today until 1st July, there is an PC Expo at MITC. I don’t think PC Expo and PC Fair is from the same organizer but maybe the seller can be the same. As stated in the name, PC Expo sells all kind of PC stuff. Now, Laptop or computer is not like a premium or expensive goods, it’s a must. This is because our lives involve around that technology. Also, fewer people buying a desktop now as Laptop price much more lower. Of course laptop is more practical with all the on the go function and can utilize wireless Internet.

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restauran melayu melaka

Restaurant Melayu Melaka

Open since May 25th 2012, Restaurant Melayu Melaka located in Strategic location opposites the Melaka River Cruise Taman Rempah Station will offer you all Melaka Malay Cuisines. The address – lot 332, kampung morten KB VIII, 75300 Kampong Tengah, Melaka. Can easily being spotted as traditional Melaka Sultanate Building.

Being featured in Utusan Malaysia here. The restaurant Melayu Melaka offer 10 type of Melaka Assam Pedas for you along with other Malay cuisine such as masak lemak, rendang,nasi lemak,tauhu bakar, rojak tauhu, sate, etc…

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kl bird park

World Largest Free Flight Walk in Aviary

The easy way to see a bird is to capture it and put it into a cage. But to enjoy watching the birds is of course when they can free fly in their natural habitat. So the easy way these day is to put the birds into an aviary. Then we also can walk into the aviary and watching all types of bird in the man made nature habitat.

Klik pic for a larger park map…

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ramadhan bayview

Buffet Ramadhan 2012

End of June, many hotels already promoting their Ramadhan Buffet packages. With attractive price and menu. Not only for the Muslim, but for others also so they can meet together with Muslim friends and dining room is among best place to be. We will see Malaysian will respect each other by waiting the clock and then start eating together. We respect the food and the month.

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casa del rio

Melaka Hotel leading Top 10 Hotels for Families in Malaysia

It is good to hear Melaka hotels being top in travelers choice for the country. Recently TripAdvisor release Top 10 Hotels for Families in Malaysia. Casa del Rio Melaka is on the lead at no. 1 spot. Then there are Jonker Boutique Hotel at no.3 and Courtyard @ Heeren Boutique Hotel no.5.

Top 10 Hotels for Families in Malaysia (TripAdvisor Traveller’s Choice 2012)

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