Segway melaka fun ride and heritage tour

In front of the Bastion House at Banda Hilir. Iam also curious of

How deep is durian smell

Durian also sell at — asmaliana

EURO time converter

Until first July many of us will tried to sleep early and setting

Tourist and travelers please pay attention to road safety

For pedestrian here, the encourage practice is to walk against the road traffic.

Celebrate Father’s Day @ Philea Resort!!

This weekend, 17th June will be a father’s day. It’s so meaningful to all father in the world. We only celebrate this father’s day only once a year. So, don’t

Melaka Teddy Bear Ambassador!!!

I think will love a teddy bear. Same goes to me. I love teddy bear and I still kept my favorite teddy bear until now. It seems like your best

Malware is everywhere…

Have you heard about your online present is safe ? Like online business or blog. Safe in term of no need to put stock for online shop, protected from physical