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Mini Classic at Dataran Pahlawan..

Last Saturday Mini owner all over Malaysia gathered at Dataran Pahlawan Melaka. All kind of classic mini being showcase and some of it I never seen before. Like Minivan and off road mini. Well my children found out to be the most interested to the mini. Maybe because of Mr. Bean influence..

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— asmaliana

burger bus

Restaurant on a Bus at Melaka

A vehicles modified into a restaurant is not something new. Because restaurant is a big one usually they choose a bus or a truck. In some country the bus is also still in running condition and we can called it the moving / walking restaurant. In the future Melaka also will have that kind of restaurant. This is because the state government is planning to recycle all the old bus in Melaka. Fyi Government has taken all the public bus operation and slowly replacing it for a newer type of bus.

It said that although the bus will be turn into a restaurant, the companies name will still prevail to remember the Melaka old bus nostalgia like SKA,Salira, Patt Hup, Bas Wira and MOS. Read in the news here (BM).

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miss tourism melaka

Miss Tourism Melaka 2012

Last month Yan Wen Yee win the Miss Tourism Melaka title. The Miss tourism competition was held during the Melaka 2012 river fiesta. Yan Wen Yee 19 first place, second Haniz Azwani 19 and 3rd place Jade Sui Fong Park 18. These days beauty queen contest are not base on outer beauty but judging other contestant talent and IQ are common now…

The winner….

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clean up the river

Clean up the River!

River Cleaning Organize By Renaissance Melaka last month…

Cry me a river
Cry me a river, oh
Cry me a river, oh
Cry me a river, oh

Well like it or not our lives also flows with the river. Water from the tap are coming from the river- treated. Hundred years ago people just drink straight from the river. But now the damaged has already been done and most of the river is polluted. But still not to late. We can help to protect by keeping our river clean.

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boat from sabah

Floria 2012 blossom…

We got a chance to watch Floria 2012 at Putrajaya. As we go during night time, we enjoy watching the decorative colorful boats from all the states. Of course during night time it’s suitable to watch the colorfully lit decorative boat but not the flowers…I think better watch the flowers in the morning so you can have clear view of full blossom. Putrajaya Floria is until 8th July 2012.

Perbadanan Putrajaya futuristic office..

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