Mini Classic at Dataran Pahlawan..

Last Saturday Mini owner all over Malaysia gathered at Dataran Pahlawan Melaka. All

Walk For Green Melaka

Last Sunday 300 people walk using terompah from Stadhuys to Dataran Pahlawan Melaka

Restaurant on a Bus at Melaka

A vehicles modified into a restaurant is not something new. Because restaurant is

Miss Tourism Melaka 2012

Last month Yan Wen Yee win the Miss Tourism Melaka title. The Miss

Clean up the River!

River Cleaning Organize By Renaissance Melaka last month… Cry me a river Cry me a river, oh Cry me a river, oh Cry me a river, oh Well like it

Floria 2012 blossom…

We got a chance to watch Floria 2012 at Putrajaya. As we go during night time, we enjoy watching the decorative colorful boats from all the states. Of course during

PC Expo or PC Fair?

Today until 1st July, there is an PC Expo at MITC. I don’t think PC Expo and PC Fair is from the same organizer but maybe the seller can be