melaka super roller

Melaka Super Roller Disco Skating

Well maybe most of Parents in Melaka are unnoticed about the existence of Roller Skating Disco Style at Dataran Pahlawan. But for the teenagers, maybe it’s their favorite weekend activities. Roller Skating is not something new but the place for proper roller skating can be count compared to indoor games like Bowling. Maybe because the Roller Skating a bit dangerous and need certain level of skill to master it.

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The Typical Mee Bandung ...

Food Tourism e.g. Mee Bandung

In Malaysia we always acknowledge certain state or place with certain food. Like Melaka Asam Pedas and Masak Lemak Cili Api will goes to Negeri Sembilan. Narrower scope like district are like Kluang Coffee and Mee Bandung Muar. We take example of the Mee Bandung Muar. As usual many businesses will take the advantage of the hype by offering the food at various place over Malaysia.

But of course for a Mee Bandung Lover, there will be a will to someday eating the Mee Bandung at the Place of origin – Muar. So if the Mee Bandung lover travel to Johor Bahru and he/she have a time, he/she will try to drop by at Muar and find a place like Tanjung Mas to experience the Mee Bandung. Then Tanjung Mas will be remembered. That is food tourism…

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lean dawi1

The Pioneer of free cendol re-fill..

Now you can always see a cendol stall that offer a free re-fill. Cendol a Malaysian local desserts is suitable to consume during hot weather as the cendol must be eaten with ice cube or blended. Before the emergence of many free refill cendol, I think in southern region the Leman Dawi Cendol in Seremban may be the pioneer of it. At leman dawi, after you eat the cheap cendol, you can refill all the component that are:

-the green cendol
-the santan
-the sweetener (gula melaka)
-and of course the ice.
-free drinks

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Macau Gallery in Melaka

Macau Gallery..

Macau and Melaka city both have listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site. Both have Portuguese remains. In 2009 Melaka and Macau signed a MOU for the Macau Gallery Setup. The Macau Gallery was opened in 26 Jun 2012 with Macau delegation present led by Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture Cheong U and Director of Macau Government Tourist Office João Manuel Costa Antunes. Also joining the ceremony were Melaka Chief Minister YAB Datuk Seri Hj. Mohd Ali Mohd Rustam and other government officials.

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mas airbus

World Best Airline…

MAS Airbus A380…

Malaysia aviation company win big on 2012 SKYTRAX World Airline Awards. MAS got “World’s Best Airline Cabin Crew” and also giving the Satay menu a world recognition in the air with its “Best Airline Signature Dish”. Another Malaysian Budget airlines giant Air Asia got “World Best Low-Cost Airline”. From now on MAS got 5 Star status in SKYTRAX. Read more in the news here.

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