World Best Airline…

MAS Airbus A380… Malaysia aviation company win big on 2012 SKYTRAX World Airline

Melaka Air Carnival

Today you can see many types of small aircraft at Batu Berendam Airport.

Melaka Sub-Marines Museum

With a minimal fee of RM1.00 you can enter the Melaka Sub-Marines Museum

Stay Celeberated at Holiday Inn Melaka

Stay Celebrated is their tagline for 2012 Ramadhan buffet. Click the thumbnail for

Dance and Excercise…

Exercise base on ChaCha dance lead by Briged Seni… — asmaliana

Mini Classic at Dataran Pahlawan..

Last Saturday Mini owner all over Malaysia gathered at Dataran Pahlawan Melaka. All kind of classic mini being showcase and some of it I never seen before. Like Minivan and

Walk For Green Melaka

Last Sunday 300 people walk using terompah from Stadhuys to Dataran Pahlawan Melaka in-conjuction of Melaka UNESCO World Heritage Celberation. Enjoy the sound of terompah video. FYI terompah is a