chocolate volcano

Chocolate Tourism

A chocolate volcano at Pizza Hut

Malaysia got cocoa plantation. Although cocoa tree is not native to Malaysia but it is suitable to be planted here. Information from Malaysian Cocoa Board – First cocoa was planted in Melaka in 1778. No more details information given. But cocoa is world most favorite food. Founded in South America 500 years ago, now cocoa in the form of chocolate can be found all over the world.

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nurul home made ice cream

Local Home Made Ice Cream

Home made ice cream stall in Thailand, pic from

Ice cream is not our traditional food. Maybe except for Ice cream Malaysia. As our country is basically have no ice or snow naturally,ice cream is not part of our history and we are not used to make it at home. Alternative name for ice cream are gelato, sorbet, frozen custard. If we read in Wikipedia, ice cream got a long history than can be follow since 200 BC China, Roman Empire, Persian Empire and the Arabs. All that influence the ice cream we had today.

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Salad or Ulam or Rojak..?

Everyone know Salad these days. We know salad is consist of fresh and raw mix of vegetables. Vegetables in Salad usually not locals like tomatoes, lettuce, carrots, cabbage etc. Salad is consume with special sauce or dressing. Usually in our mindset if some one eating salad they are on a diet. This is different with Ulam. Ulam is local version of Salad that.

Ulam – Pegaga

Unlike Salad, ulam have broad type of leaf, ordinary vegetables usually not recognize as ulam. I think ulam got more stronger taste than salad. Our mindset is if some one eating ulam they are on healthy regime. Like fountain of youth. Many locals that enjoy longer age are associated with eating ulam. Usually ulam got strong taste and more bitter. Many leaves shoot are consider ulam. Many of the ulam are also hard to find in local markets but must search for it at special market like Pasar Tani or in the village.

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petition writer

Few remaining Petition Writers…

I think in Melaka petition writer is decreasing year by year or already gone? Because I have not seen any lately at their favorite spot at Jalan Hang Tuah. Maybe many of the government department already shift to Ayer Keroh @ MITC @ Hang Tuah Jaya. Petition writer help people to do official document or letter that deal with the government. They use type writer. I have not seen any of them using laptop.

But till today you can still find petition writers throughout Malaysia. For example I saw petition writers at Government office in Seremban, pic below.

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johor premium outlet1

Premium Raya or Online Raya?..

Current hot premium shopping in Malaysia is maybe Johor Premium Outlets and quality brands name with free shipping at Zalora can make you just sit at home while searching for Baju Kurung. You got to go down south to go to Johor Premium outlets yet you can find many branded items at everyday discounts from 25% to 65%. You can see Singaporeans, Middle East and many from SEA countries at JPO. So Maybe Branded and designer Items can be more cheaper at JPO rather than KL or other countries around.

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jellybean review

San Shu Gong @ Jonker Street

San Shu Gong is one example of local delicacies being up date to another level. At San Shu Gong the local food that sell can be found at every place in Melaka but the difference is about presentation and packaging. Usually visitors will try their Durian Cendol, the cendol itself is not authentic but the packaging does. San Shu Gong is located in Strategic place at tourist hotspot Jonker Street.

Before San Shu Dong, Tan Kim Hock is already known for distributing the local and Traditional food.

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