Salad or Ulam or Rojak..?

Everyone know Salad these days. We know salad is consist of fresh and

Few remaining Petition Writers…

I think in Melaka petition writer is decreasing year by year or already

Premium Raya or Online Raya?..

Current hot premium shopping in Malaysia is maybe Johor Premium Outlets and quality

San Shu Gong @ Jonker Street

San Shu Gong is one example of local delicacies being up date to

Melaka Super Roller Disco Skating

Well maybe most of Parents in Melaka are unnoticed about the existence of Roller Skating Disco Style at Dataran Pahlawan. But for the teenagers, maybe it’s their favorite weekend activities.

Food Tourism e.g. Mee Bandung

In Malaysia we always acknowledge certain state or place with certain food. Like Melaka Asam Pedas and Masak Lemak Cili Api will goes to Negeri Sembilan. Narrower scope like district

The Pioneer of free cendol re-fill..

Now you can always see a cendol stall that offer a free re-fill. Cendol a Malaysian local desserts is suitable to consume during hot weather as the cendol must be