Melaka Super Roller Disco Skating

Well maybe most of Parents in Melaka are unnoticed about the existence of

Food Tourism e.g. Mee Bandung

In Malaysia we always acknowledge certain state or place with certain food. Like

The Pioneer of free cendol re-fill..

Now you can always see a cendol stall that offer a free re-fill.

War History in Malaysia

The most recent war battle in Malaysia history will be the World War

Macau Gallery in Melaka

Macau Gallery.. Macau and Melaka city both have listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site. Both have Portuguese remains. In 2009 Melaka and Macau signed a MOU for the Macau Gallery

World Best Airline…

MAS Airbus A380… Malaysia aviation company win big on 2012 SKYTRAX World Airline Awards. MAS got “World’s Best Airline Cabin Crew” and also giving the Satay menu a world recognition

Melaka Air Carnival

Today you can see many types of small aircraft at Batu Berendam Airport. From 13 to 15 Julai there is Melaka Air Carnival at the Airport. Entrance fee is RM5