Using Google Maps 2012 from Banda Hilir to Melaka Sentral

Have you tried the get direction function at Google Maps 2012. I will

Mahkota Pizza

We usually getting a Pizza at a Pizza restaurant. For example in Melaka,

The Chocolate Hotel

For chocolate lovers your imagination about a room full of chocolate does exist

Chocolate Tourism

A chocolate volcano at Pizza Hut Malaysia got cocoa plantation. Although cocoa tree

Local Home Made Ice Cream

Home made ice cream stall in Thailand, pic from Ice cream is not our traditional food. Maybe except for Ice cream Malaysia. As our country is basically have no

Salad or Ulam or Rojak..?

Everyone know Salad these days. We know salad is consist of fresh and raw mix of vegetables. Vegetables in Salad usually not locals like tomatoes, lettuce, carrots, cabbage etc. Salad

Few remaining Petition Writers…

I think in Melaka petition writer is decreasing year by year or already gone? Because I have not seen any lately at their favorite spot at Jalan Hang Tuah. Maybe