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Using Google Maps 2012 from Banda Hilir to Melaka Sentral

Have you tried the get direction function at Google Maps 2012. I will choose Google Maps get direction function to study about destination that I will go first. For Example you want to go from Banda Hilir to Melaka Sentral. Very easy. Just open google -> go to Google Maps -> At your left (screen in front) you can see 3 option to choose sign – By Car, By Public Transport or By Walking.

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— asmaliana

pizza terrace

Mahkota Pizza

We usually getting a Pizza at a Pizza restaurant. For example in Melaka, there are about 4 Pizza specialty restaurant – Pizza Hut, Domino, Papa John’s and U.S Pizza. But Pizza Restaurant all located in Central Melaka and not in other 2 district like Alor Gajah and Jasin. So what pizza do you love most? I think Pizza Hut will be in the first place because of the location factor, home delivery, more advertising and recently more added menu.

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— asmaliana

chocolate volcano

Chocolate Tourism

A chocolate volcano at Pizza Hut

Malaysia got cocoa plantation. Although cocoa tree is not native to Malaysia but it is suitable to be planted here. Information from Malaysian Cocoa Board – First cocoa was planted in Melaka in 1778. No more details information given. But cocoa is world most favorite food. Founded in South America 500 years ago, now cocoa in the form of chocolate can be found all over the world.

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— asmaliana

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