Student Tourism in Melaka…

In Melaka, Malacca’s St. Francis Institution (SFI) is active on running student exchange

Raya Cookies 2012

A long line of raya cookies at Shopping Mall… Hari Raya is the

Last day to post raya card…

Do you still practice sending Hari Raya Card? All of us the gen-x

Beware of Cow during Raya Journey

I got this interesting fact from thestar newspaper, Buckle up – and beware

Gold from Flor de La Mar

Flor De La Mar If you already visiting Melaka, you may already know about the Portuguese Vessel Replica at Maritime Musuem Banda Hilir. The Flor De La Mar is not

Sunken Treasure in Melaka

Pic from the star. As a historical state that gone through various of colonialism and classic war, our imagination automatically will going wild about how many treasure trove hidden and

Malaysian at Baskin Robbins

When Baskin Robbins offer free ice cream, it is hard to refuse the tempting offer. Long queue at Baskin Robbins Mahkota Parade to get the ice cream in support to