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Alternative route at Jalan Melaka Sentral for Raya…

City council (MBMB) will open alternative route for temporary at Jalan Melaka Sentral to ease the traffic flow towards AMJ highway. The alternative route will open from 16 August to 18 August 2012. Usually we will have to circle the Melaka sentral to reach AMJ from the first U-Turn before traffic light. Using the alternative route we can cross to AMJ from the Mydin Bazaar. The city council will setup all the necessary to guide traffic to the temporary alternative route…

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sfi malacca

Student Tourism in Melaka…

In Melaka, Malacca’s St. Francis Institution (SFI) is active on running student exchange program. SFI is among oldest secondary school located at very strategic location in Banda Hilir. They have already practices student exchange program from Japanese School since 1989.

Pic from thestar.

By promoting cultural exchange studies at the early stages, students will learn to respects others of different races or point of view. The activities will show that every culture intends to show good moral value although the way it is presented varies according to countries.

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raya cookies 2012

Raya Cookies 2012

A long line of raya cookies at Shopping Mall…

Hari Raya is the month of feast. We can look at the food being prepared to hold family gathering and visiting from friends / neighbor. We can say that for the first week of Hari Raya Malaysian can eat for free by visiting others that celebrate Eid ul Fitr. If Raya Card is becoming to extinct, not for Raya Cookies. Raya Cookies are becoming easy to find everywhere in large quantity with competitive pricing.

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kad raya

Last day to post raya card…

Do you still practice sending Hari Raya Card? All of us the gen-x people will remember the popularity of raya card until the Internet and mobile phone dominated. When the time we use to send raya card, If you got more card usually it’s show you social status just like how many friends and like you got on Facebook today.

There are many type of card in those days, from small to very large size that even the postal box won’t fit. Newspaper will show how busy the post office processing all the raya card. It’s a good business at that time. Now in 2012, raya card becoming very rare and only got very small choices. And maybe it’s from the last year.

assorted raya card, some go a song CD. pic from admiralhafiz.

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Beware of Cow during Raya Journey

I got this interesting fact from thestar newspaper, Buckle up – and beware of strays here. It seems to be highway like PLUS is not the place for you to just put your foot at the pedal and accelerate. Now PLUS has put Beware of cow sign at certain cow hot spot area. Not only cows, if you are lucky there maybe tapir, dogs,monkeys and wild boars. At highway speed, clash between you and the animal can be fatal.

source from thestar.

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flor de la mar location

Gold from Flor de La Mar

Flor De La Mar

If you already visiting Melaka, you may already know about the Portuguese Vessel Replica at Maritime Musuem Banda Hilir. The Flor De La Mar is not only significance with Melaka History but also famous worldwide at present time because of the sunken treasure from it not yet being found.

According to famous American treasure hunter Robert Marx:

“its the richest vessel ever lost at sea, with its hold loaded with 200 coffers of precious stones, diamonds from the small half-inch size to the size of a man’s fist.”

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