cili kampung

Spices good but not too much chillies?

Famous Malaysian super hot chili, the chili padi…

Did you heard that to much spicy food and to many hot chillies in daily food consumption will affect you stomach like the cause of gastric, diarrhea and ulcers? The answer is vice versa. In fact researches find that eating chillies and spices are very healthy. From Why spicy food is good for you article, here among among chilli goodness:

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— asmaliana


Bigger phone for the future

It is a common sight nowadays to see people carrying and using bigger screen phone. Many of smartphone now have more than 4 inch screen. Some people also use phone as big as Samsung Galaxy tab to make a call. In the early of the millennium I guess in the future mobile phone will get smaller and lighter. Somewhere in 2000 phone such as Nokia 8210 is famous because it is very small and light. Now mobile phone sure is getting bigger…

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— asmaliana

after raya

Shopping after raya can be a bargain

After 5 days of Hari Raya you can try visit your usual shopping mall and find the shop/boutique that you go to buy raya clothing in Ramadhan. Maybe they are selling much lower until 50% to finish the raya stock and make away for new design. Not spending to the limit before raya is healthy because you can stretch you shopping activity until next month….

— asmaliana

malaysia loyalty card

Applying customer loyalty card…

My loyalty card…

You will always find people taking time to pay their groceries because searching for a loyalty card between piles of other loyalty card in the handbag. How many loyalty card do you have. Among loyalty card that most Malaysian have is bonuslink. Although the loyalty card just giving you little discount or very little point at every purchased, you can see the impact like in J-Card day.

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— asmaliana

liam neeson

Malaysia in Hollywood movies…

At present U.S is the most influential when talking about movies. They export all their movies around the globe. We are unfamiliar about movies from other super nation in Europe like maybe Great Britain, France or Soviet. Other influential country in terms of movies production is India (Bollywood movies), Hong Kong (Action / Kung Fu) and Japan (Anime Naruto,Doraemon etc..).

To be featured in Hollywood movies can be very good exposure to our artist or the filming location in our country. But if they just filming movies in our rainforest without stating where it is, there is nothing to be proud for because the audience may think it is in Amazon. At least they film our recognize landmark like the Petronas Twin Tower or Putrajaya.

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— asmaliana

atm blown

Thieves aiming at ATM now…

pic from nst.
Recently in this month I read about 3 attempts on stealing money from ATM machine. It’s been a while since we heard people rob a bank in Malaysia. Now robbing ATM is a trend. Maybe they think robbing ATM is less risky than robbing a bank in broad daylight. Bank have armed guard, and to many people that in the end can be complicated like gun fighting. So maybe if they rob an ATM machine, the revenue is more or less the same.

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— asmaliana

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