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Malaysia in Hollywood movies…

At present U.S is the most influential when talking about movies. They export all their movies around the globe. We are unfamiliar about movies from other super nation in Europe like maybe Great Britain, France or Soviet. Other influential country in terms of movies production is India (Bollywood movies), Hong Kong (Action / Kung Fu) and Japan (Anime Naruto,Doraemon etc..).

To be featured in Hollywood movies can be very good exposure to our artist or the filming location in our country. But if they just filming movies in our rainforest without stating where it is, there is nothing to be proud for because the audience may think it is in Amazon. At least they film our recognize landmark like the Petronas Twin Tower or Putrajaya.

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— asmaliana

atm blown

Thieves aiming at ATM now…

pic from nst.
Recently in this month I read about 3 attempts on stealing money from ATM machine. It’s been a while since we heard people rob a bank in Malaysia. Now robbing ATM is a trend. Maybe they think robbing ATM is less risky than robbing a bank in broad daylight. Bank have armed guard, and to many people that in the end can be complicated like gun fighting. So maybe if they rob an ATM machine, the revenue is more or less the same.

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Hari Raya Soda

As usual before hari raya, many supermarket will sell carbonated drinks at discounted price. In Mydin for example every customer is limit to only 6 bottles of carbonated drinks per brand. In addition to usual brand of carbonated drinks like F&N:

Every Hari Raya my family also buying a cartoon of long chan. I don’t know what is exactly the brand name is but everybody called it long chan. Long chan carbonated drinks only got 3 types of flavor-ice cream soda,sarsaparilla and orange. The taste is more softer and lower gases from any brand in the market. The wooden box look all school. And when you return back the empty bottle you can get money back around RM4 per cartoon..

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— asmaliana


Recomended eating this hari raya 2012

Eat healthy food doesn’t mean just eating veggies and fruits everyday. Eating healthy is about balance diet. Our body need all those in the food pyramid. At this time, what you eat during festive season is becoming a big issue as government also release warning and press release about controlling public eating habit.

Although not as serious as road accident during festive season, we must take into consideration about being healthy because when we got obesity and disease related to it, it will consume our time, money, carrier and family in process to cure it. So Better (be) safe than sorry.

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dirt kart

Dirt Kart and Paintball on top of an island at Melaka Wonderland

Melaka Wonderland Theme Park got new product which had already starts its operation last week.

1. Dirt Kart – Speed up to 70km/hour at 300meter circuit.
2. Paintball on top of an island. – Group or range / target shooting.

We already familiar with go kart and paintball. The different here are the go kart setup is for dirt circuit which is more adventurous and of course dirty while the paintball are played in water surrounding area. So for more info and price go to or fb.

— asmaliana

alternative route

Alternative route at Jalan Melaka Sentral for Raya…

City council (MBMB) will open alternative route for temporary at Jalan Melaka Sentral to ease the traffic flow towards AMJ highway. The alternative route will open from 16 August to 18 August 2012. Usually we will have to circle the Melaka sentral to reach AMJ from the first U-Turn before traffic light. Using the alternative route we can cross to AMJ from the Mydin Bazaar. The city council will setup all the necessary to guide traffic to the temporary alternative route…

— asmaliana

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