Melaka Heritage tax to conserve…

…The Heritage, promotes, beautification and cleanliness of all the heritage sites . The heritage tax notice of RM2 you can find at Hotels in Melaka. The Heritage tax is under the Undang-Undang Kecil Kerajaan Tempatan / Local Government Act.

In the news :

Published: Monday January 16, 2012 MYT 2:31:00 PM
Updated: Monday January 16, 2012 MYT 3:28:57 PM
Malacca shelves heritage tax on hotel guests

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Finding Halal Steak in Europe…

People at Europe like to travel in Asian countries because of the hot weather, moderate and less extreme climate maybe like Malaysia. Asian people also like to go to Europe for colder temperature, medium temperature or to feel the snow. As Islam is largest religion in Asia, finding Halal food in most Asian country is not a problem. But in Europe, it’s vice versa.

Among Halal Restaurant in london, source here.

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iPhone for your travel

iPhone 4S

It’s no doubt that iPhone is you best companion during travel with all apps and smart function like the GPS, compass,sensors and hotspot function. With many of the traveling apps you can download/ buy through your phone thus making your live easier when far from home and office. Among apps you can use are TripAdvisor for iPhone,TripIt to store / review travel status and offline maps. Not to mention huge compilation of games in apple store for your companion.

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Raya gathering to a new level

Ex-Bukit Piatu Technic Bukit Piatu 98 raya reunion last week, my class at my house.

Raya mood is still on and many of us still planning to do the famous Malaysian hospitality – open house. The concept of open house also applied at the office where every staff doing a potluck. Or the office already have a budget for hari raya and inviting other clients,contractors and staff families to celebrate.

Some of us using raya open house to hold a a family gathering from same ancestral of both family making it a very huge descendant gathering. For example here, Tok Nai Din from Alor Star gather 800 members from more than 100 families, from the fifth to the thirteenth generation during hari raya.

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cili kampung

Spices good but not too much chillies?

Famous Malaysian super hot chili, the chili padi…

Did you heard that to much spicy food and to many hot chillies in daily food consumption will affect you stomach like the cause of gastric, diarrhea and ulcers? The answer is vice versa. In fact researches find that eating chillies and spices are very healthy. From Why spicy food is good for you article, here among among chilli goodness:

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Bigger phone for the future

It is a common sight nowadays to see people carrying and using bigger screen phone. Many of smartphone now have more than 4 inch screen. Some people also use phone as big as Samsung Galaxy tab to make a call. In the early of the millennium I guess in the future mobile phone will get smaller and lighter. Somewhere in 2000 phone such as Nokia 8210 is famous because it is very small and light. Now mobile phone sure is getting bigger…

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