Shopping after raya can be a bargain

After 5 days of Hari Raya you can try visit your usual shopping

Applying customer loyalty card…

My loyalty card… You will always find people taking time to pay their

Malaysia in Hollywood movies…

At present U.S is the most influential when talking about movies. They export

Thieves aiming at ATM now…

pic from nst. Recently in this month I read about 3 attempts on

Hari Raya Soda

As usual before hari raya, many supermarket will sell carbonated drinks at discounted price. In Mydin for example every customer is limit to only 6 bottles of carbonated drinks per

Recomended eating this hari raya 2012

Eat healthy food doesn’t mean just eating veggies and fruits everyday. Eating healthy is about balance diet. Our body need all those in the food pyramid. At this time, what

Dirt Kart and Paintball on top of an island at Melaka Wonderland

Melaka Wonderland Theme Park got new product which had already starts its operation last week. 1. Dirt Kart – Speed up to 70km/hour at 300meter circuit. 2. Paintball on top