Melaka Heritage tax to conserve…

…The Heritage, promotes, beautification and cleanliness of all the heritage sites . The

Finding Halal Steak in Europe…

People at Europe like to travel in Asian countries because of the hot

iPhone for your travel

iPhone 4S It’s no doubt that iPhone is you best companion during travel

Raya gathering to a new level

Ex-Bukit Piatu Technic Bukit Piatu 98 raya reunion last week, my class at

Free tickets to wonderland for gempak santai Harian Metro…

(click for larger image..) So have you collect all the Harian Metro news paper header from 21st August 2012? If not you have until 9 September to be among the

Spices good but not too much chillies?

Famous Malaysian super hot chili, the chili padi… Did you heard that to much spicy food and to many hot chillies in daily food consumption will affect you stomach like

Bigger phone for the future

It is a common sight nowadays to see people carrying and using bigger screen phone. Many of smartphone now have more than 4 inch screen. Some people also use phone