Free tickets to wonderland for gempak santai Harian Metro…

(click for larger image..) So have you collect all the Harian Metro news

Spices good but not too much chillies?

Famous Malaysian super hot chili, the chili padi… Did you heard that to

Bigger phone for the future

It is a common sight nowadays to see people carrying and using bigger

Shopping after raya can be a bargain

After 5 days of Hari Raya you can try visit your usual shopping

Applying customer loyalty card…

My loyalty card… You will always find people taking time to pay their groceries because searching for a loyalty card between piles of other loyalty card in the handbag. How

Malaysia in Hollywood movies…

At present U.S is the most influential when talking about movies. They export all their movies around the globe. We are unfamiliar about movies from other super nation in Europe

Thieves aiming at ATM now…

pic from nst. Recently in this month I read about 3 attempts on stealing money from ATM machine. It’s been a while since we heard people rob a bank in