Among British Soldier Grave

Dutch Graveyard in Melaka

Although it’s called the Dutch Graveyard, majority of the grave belong to the British – 33 grave and Dutch 17. The cemetery was used in 2 stages from between 1670-1682 and by the British, between 1818-1838. If you want to take look at the old Dutch Graveyard, it is located at the foot of St. Paul hill Banda Hilir. It is actually Next to the Melaka Sultanate Palace Replica. Can be easily found if you go towards jalan Banda Kaaba. The graveyard has been gazetted as historical monument under the Antiquities Act 1976.

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Promoting the quality of local brand…

All woman usually know about International brand of fashion even if they cannot afford to buy one. Brands like Prada, LV or Gucci. We don’t have to go to Europe to buy all those International Branded items because they have already presence in Malaysia. Now with added Premium Outlet in Johor.

Although we had it all in Malaysia, we always want to buy the International Brands if we got a change to go to London, Paris or New York. Even if we got a friends there we also ask them to buy it for us. The reason are like much more cheaper and latest design update. The International Brands also started as a small local brands in respective country. For example Prada from Italy and Louis Vuitton from France.

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bata italy

Bata is International

Bata in Rome…

I guess almost all of us think that Bata is a local company. This is because we can find Bata at every small town in Malaysia. The answer is yes and no. Actually the company was founded in Czechoslovakia in 1894. You can read the history here. The founder name is Mr. Tomas Bata. Now Bata have presence in over 70 countries. Bata also can be considered as local company because Bata have all the facilities here. I just realize about Bata when I spot a Bata shop in Rome, Italy.

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Complete travel health information online

Did you already watch Who Killed the Electric Car? Movie? Maybe they can make another title who killed the textbooks after this. This is because nowadays Internet is our first reference and usually the first and only reference. Even teachers and lecturers often find it easy to solve their problem online. Many expert also setup their online information library for public.

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Get vaccination before traveling

Example to prove your vaccination…

Travelers who want to go to other countries usually advise to take vaccination according the visited country health situation. WHO advices travelers to check that they have been fully vaccinated against measles, rubella, mumps, diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis (whooping cough) and poliomyelitis before starting their travel. Also the World Health Organization advice to take specific vaccination in order to protect the visited country from introducing new viruses from the travelers. Example PAHO/WHO recommends vaccination against measles and rubella for all travelers visiting countries in the Americas here.

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