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Did you already watch Who Killed the Electric Car? Movie? Maybe they can make another title who killed the textbooks after this. This is because nowadays Internet is our first reference and usually the first and only reference. Even teachers and lecturers often find it easy to solve their problem online. Many expert also setup their online information library for public.

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Get vaccination before traveling

Example to prove your vaccination…

Travelers who want to go to other countries usually advise to take vaccination according the visited country health situation. WHO advices travelers to check that they have been fully vaccinated against measles, rubella, mumps, diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis (whooping cough) and poliomyelitis before starting their travel. Also the World Health Organization advice to take specific vaccination in order to protect the visited country from introducing new viruses from the travelers. Example PAHO/WHO recommends vaccination against measles and rubella for all travelers visiting countries in the Americas here.

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duit raya

Duit raya collection 2012

I’m sure your children are still counting their ang pow this week as many more open houses invitation and people still visiting for Hari Raya. They love this year of hari raya because colorful new notes blue, green and red. Sometimes yellow. Seeing them happy with the money envelope remind us the happy times when we were small.

Although the amount may not be as much as now but we were very happy and usually we spend it all at nearest village shop buying sweets, sweepstakes (if your number hit maybe you get more coins), ding dang and ice cream. Now every parents usually hold their children money for their savings account.

Favorites Note this month…

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cars2 in japan

Cars 2 full of great tourism places…

Cars 2 in Tokyo more pic here.

I watch Cars 2 at Astro this week, HBO I think. Never watch it before and it was a good movie for the whole family. Despite of the comic storyline about red race car lightning McQueen being challenge by F1 car from Italy. From the main reason (lightning McQueen race with Francesco Bernoulli ) all the action started.

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child friendly utc

Child’s friendly UTC…

While doing your official matter at any of the Urban Transformation Center. You children can use facilities for them at the floor near to you..

Learn about the Urban Tranformation Center inititive:

ANOTHER FIRST: Urban Transformation Centre to help rakyat get public service under one roof

MALACCA: THE country’s first Urban Transformation Centre (UTC) opened yesterday, with Datuk Seri Najib Razak declaring it the benchmark of the best public service for the people.

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Melaka Heritage tax to conserve…

…The Heritage, promotes, beautification and cleanliness of all the heritage sites . The heritage tax notice of RM2 you can find at Hotels in Melaka. The Heritage tax is under the Undang-Undang Kecil Kerajaan Tempatan / Local Government Act.

In the news :

Published: Monday January 16, 2012 MYT 2:31:00 PM
Updated: Monday January 16, 2012 MYT 3:28:57 PM
Malacca shelves heritage tax on hotel guests

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Finding Halal Steak in Europe…

People at Europe like to travel in Asian countries because of the hot weather, moderate and less extreme climate maybe like Malaysia. Asian people also like to go to Europe for colder temperature, medium temperature or to feel the snow. As Islam is largest religion in Asia, finding Halal food in most Asian country is not a problem. But in Europe, it’s vice versa.

Among Halal Restaurant in london, source here.

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