Malaysian type of funeral

The picture about Malaysian type of funeral and graveyard during Pameran Keranda or

Dutch Graveyard in Melaka

Although it’s called the Dutch Graveyard, majority of the grave belong to the

Promoting the quality of local brand…

All woman usually know about International brand of fashion even if they cannot

Talk about Malaysian MotoGP

Malaysian motogp fans are waiting for this 19,20 and 21 October for the

Bata is International

Bata in Rome… I guess almost all of us think that Bata is a local company. This is because we can find Bata at every small town in Malaysia. The

Melaka Unesco World Heritage Music Festival 2012

Have you been to this event last year? No? Then you just have this weekend. More info here. Date: 14 & 15 September, 2012 Friday & Saturday Venue: Jonker Walk,

Complete travel health information online

Did you already watch Who Killed the Electric Car? Movie? Maybe they can make another title who killed the textbooks after this. This is because nowadays Internet is our first