Duit raya collection 2012

I’m sure your children are still counting their ang pow this week as

Cars 2 full of great tourism places…

Cars 2 in Tokyo more pic here. I watch Cars 2 at Astro

Child’s friendly UTC…

While doing your official matter at any of the Urban Transformation Center. You

Melaka Heritage tax to conserve…

…The Heritage, promotes, beautification and cleanliness of all the heritage sites . The

Finding Halal Steak in Europe…

People at Europe like to travel in Asian countries because of the hot weather, moderate and less extreme climate maybe like Malaysia. Asian people also like to go to Europe

iPhone for your travel

iPhone 4S It’s no doubt that iPhone is you best companion during travel with all apps and smart function like the GPS, compass,sensors and hotspot function. With many of the

Raya gathering to a new level

Ex-Bukit Piatu Technic Bukit Piatu 98 raya reunion last week, my class at my house. Raya mood is still on and many of us still planning to do the famous