FREE Health Checks at Bayview Hotel Melaka

As part of its community service projects, Bayview Hotel Melaka is embarking on

Extra security for your room…

Do you feel insecure sleeping in a hotel room? Maybe you can sleep

Malaysian type of funeral

The picture about Malaysian type of funeral and graveyard during Pameran Keranda or

Dutch Graveyard in Melaka

Although it’s called the Dutch Graveyard, majority of the grave belong to the British – 33 grave and Dutch 17. The cemetery was used in 2 stages from between 1670-1682

Promoting the quality of local brand…

All woman usually know about International brand of fashion even if they cannot afford to buy one. Brands like Prada, LV or Gucci. We don’t have to go to Europe

Talk about Malaysian MotoGP

Malaysian motogp fans are waiting for this 19,20 and 21 October for the motorcycle racing at Sepang Circuit. Since Malaysia got the Sepang International Circuit, Malaysian have familiar with motor