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The Malaysian Book of Records Wedding…

Last Sunday Melaka Chief Minister Son wedding declared as the Malaysia Book of Records for the most number of guests attending a wedding reception. 130k ++ . Orang Melayu Melaka are famous when comes to wedding ceremony. I heard that during my grandmother era, the reception can took place for 3 days. Many ceremonies, custom,feast and music involve in those days. Now everyone just do 1 day ceremonies but still in big scale by inviting the whole village to come. Congratulation to Our CM for terima menantu and hope the couple will be happy and enjoy a children near future. Read about 100,000 Guests Attend Wedding Of Melaka Chief Minister’s Son here.

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Icily after a few walks to Stadhuys

To really enjoy the Melaka heritage city and observe the community. Best is walking on foot. Can Start from Jalan Hang Tuah to Bunga Raya visiting old Shops selling weddings items, clock, fabric and kitchenware. Visit old Kampung Keling Mosque and straight to Jalan Tukang Besi where Old Mosque, Chinese and Indian temple located together in the same row. Or you can go the other way around to the Stadhuys following the traffic flow pass the little India to Jalan Laksamana towards Banda Hilir.

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nasik lemak

Good Morning Malaysia

Nasik Lemak…

Other than eating at home, Malaysian like to take break fast outside. Usually heavy breakfast. You can in the morning around 6.30 to 8.00am many vehicles park at every stalls, mamaks and restaurant. Although many western type of breakfast available usually in hotel cafe/ restaurant,kfc and McD, none can beat the Malaysian favorite : Teh Tarik, Nasik Lemak, Kopi O kau, roti canai, roti prata, roti telur and half boiled egg with soy sauce.

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The most film location in Melaka

In Melaka, Masjid Tanah area is among directors favorite to film Malay drama. The location are from Kampung Balik Batu, Padang Kamunting, Tanjung Bidara, Pengakalan Balak and straight to Linggi. This is because of many fisherman village still retain it’s traditional concept like boats, tools and houses. Beach views as a fisherman village with warong and stall is classic. Video above is among Malay drama film there…

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bastion victoria 1

Bastion Victoria – Excavation of Melaka Fort

Before this the area use to be a parking lot and sometimes stage event also being doing here. Now the place is under excavation by Department of National Heritage. Located at Jalan Laksamana after the first car park. On the way to Stadhuys and Banda Hilir. After the St Xavier Church you can turn left to Jalan Banda Kaba or straight to Jalan Merdeka / Stadhuys / Banda Hilir.

World Heritage Sites: A Complete Guide to 911 UNESCO World Heritage Sites

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