We are not in a very happy country…

Actually it is not that bad,Malaysia ranked at about 82 I think at the Happy Planet Index. The happy planet Index (HPI) rank 151 countries across the globe by three component measures – life expectancy, experienced well-being and Ecological Footprint. Economic achievement doesn’t matter to them for the measurement. Hope that the list from HPI will not make us unhappy because the data can’t be taken seriously, they just try new method measurement. Everyone can decide or create their own definition of happiness. The list of top 10 are:

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inbee park

Golf is tourism in Malaysia

One thing about golf is the status as premium sport and recognize Internationally. Malaysia now host many world class golf tournament and for sure it will attracted many big names in sport such as Tiger Wood. According to news for CIMB Classic here,the event will feature 48 players, with 30 coming from the PGA Tour, 10 from the Asian Tour. Name such as 2011 winner Bo Van Pelt and Tiger Wood. Of course most of us just familiar with Tiger Wood.

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malayan sun bear

Conservation for Bornean Sun Bear

Last night we watch TV3 Majalah 3 about Malaysian Bear. It’s is normal for us not to realize that our country also have bears in wild life and the bears are endangered species. The Bear focused on the documentary is Bornean Sun Bear or Beruang Matahari. In Malaysia, the conservation center is in Sepilok, Sabah state. The conservation center also next to the Sepilok Orang Utan Sanctuary. About Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre (BSBCC) here. BSBCC is a non profit organization that accept donation and volunteer from you. Zoo Melaka also have few Malayan Sun Bear. Bear in Asian are more vulnerable to be wipe out rather than Grizzly bear in North America because part of Asian people believe that eating parts of the bear can be a cure.

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Apple iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy Ses… ?

For the current scenario, most of my friends are talking about Samsung or iPhone when choosing a Smartphone. Of course most of them will prefer Samsung because of wide choice of models that can suit their budget and needs. Famous models for Samsung they are talking about now are like S3, galaxy note and S2. Because most of my friends are not very tech savvy,they are just talking about current models,price and the physical looks. Some of them owning S3 or iPhone 4S don’t even have a data plan.

Samsung Galaxy S III (Marble White)

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asia ducati week 2012

Ducatisti in Melaka on this 19th October

Ducati is considered an expensive bike, like the motorcycle version of Ferrari. Both are Italian. Italian is famous for design and fashion. Same goes to their machine like Ducati, Ferrari, Masserati, Alfa Romeo, Lamborghini … If you are a superbike fan or Ducati is your dream bike, there will be Asia Ducati Week 2012 and Malaysia will be host this year.
The Asia Ducati Week 2012 also is the same week with Malaysian MotoGp. The best thing is Ducati riders will go on historical ride in Melaka on 19th OCtober/Friday. I heard that maybe they will bring some Ducati Merchandise that we can buy at Banda Hilir maybe at in front of A Famosa area. More info here.

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