Road safety is everyone responsibility

Read about PLUS Blames Human Factor as Main Cause of Heavy Vehicle Accidents

Malacca 750 years Stamp

Pos Malaysia is launching the stamp to commemorate the 750th anniversary of the

Determing shoe size abroad

It is no issue if we want to buy our own shoes in

Did you watch your speed lately?

Few weeks ago I think I see a camera flashing at PLUS highway

Palembang – Melaka historical voyage

Today Team from Melaka are at Palembang Boom Baru port to witness the historical voyage from Palembang to Melaka. The start of the voyage is officiated by T.Y.T Tun Datuk

The Malaysian Book of Records Wedding…

Last Sunday Melaka Chief Minister Son wedding declared as the Malaysia Book of Records for the most number of guests attending a wedding reception. 130k ++ . Orang Melayu Melaka

Icily after a few walks to Stadhuys

To really enjoy the Melaka heritage city and observe the community. Best is walking on foot. Can Start from Jalan Hang Tuah to Bunga Raya visiting old Shops selling weddings