Golf is tourism in Malaysia

One thing about golf is the status as premium sport and recognize Internationally.

Conservation for Bornean Sun Bear

Last night we watch TV3 Majalah 3 about Malaysian Bear. It’s is normal

Watch your travel

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Apple iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy Ses… ?

For the current scenario, most of my friends are talking about Samsung or

Ducatisti in Melaka on this 19th October

Ducati is considered an expensive bike, like the motorcycle version of Ferrari. Both are Italian. Italian is famous for design and fashion. Same goes to their machine like Ducati, Ferrari,

Malaysia as top Halal Tourism Spot

If food, restaurant and hotel operators feel that law enforcement from JAKIM on Halal is a burden to them, think again as Halal industry is worth multi billion dollar .

The smallest and lightest e-bikes is here

e- for electric. According to the news the e-bikes is world smallest and lightest. Actually without an electric engine a bicycle is also considered an eco vehicle because bicycle not