Invitation – Eye On Malaysia @ Melaka.

The wheel is finally stand on the ground. The day will be 7

Autoshow is back,this time full throttle!

The cars are coming and this time it’s even bigger. In conjunction of

Jingling Nona

Jingling nona jingling nona yokare kasa Kasa rata kota jele lagu pasa Teng

Bright Night At Banda Hilir

Spot light brighten the Heritage Site at Banda Hilir Melaka. Stand at Dataran

When Should your baby going public?

I already took my baby Ryan out when about a month old to buy some toddlers shirt at Jusco. Then after that bringing him to other relative houses during Eid

Morning at Malacca River

Morning at Melaka River. Look at the stillness of the water. The lizards are still in the hole and River Cruise start working at 10am. The serene atmosphere wont take

Diwali Festive of Light 2008

HAPPY DEEPAVALI TO ALL MALAYSIAN AND ALL OVER THE WORLD! Deepavali is a festival where people from all age groups participate. They give expression to their happiness by lighting earthen