Duck Tours Wuu Wuu..

“Quack Your Way Around Melaka Historic City”

Amphibian will hit Malacca road this holiday season. You conDucktors can’t wait to torn our your tickets this Decembers. Forget the your bus conductors as this kind of bus will splash your day!. Duck Ventures (M) Sdn. Bhd. give you the largest amphibious craft on road. This vehicle can move on road and water just anytime. Looks similar like a boat but just add 4 tires and you will see a boat cruising on the road.

An Amphibious venture..

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Croc File…

I can say that this park has the largest collection of crocodile in this country. They have all local crocodile species with additional friends from America, Mexico, India and Thailand. All about 100 species of the croc. This predators are captured and breed in condition that match their natural habitat. Visitors can see Crocodile show by the croc caretaker every Saturday. This croc show seems to be like a near death experience to the caretaker sure will make buttocks uneasy at the seat.

A mummy croc will welcome you at the front entrance

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Since 1983

As baba and nyonya is famous for their Kebaya fashion, they also have their own style of cooking. A mix Chinese & Malays cuisine. Because they has came here long ago and live here long centuries ago, they adoped the Malay herb & spices into their cooking. One of the famous Baba & Nyonya restaurant here in Melaka is Ole Sayang Restaurant Sdn. Bhd own by Mr. Seet Kee An. Mr Seet is a Baba himself. Baba & Nyonya looks like Chinese, because they are Chinese just they Can’t speak Mandarin very fluently. In Malaysia only Melaka have the Baba & Nyonya families and like Mr. Seet Kee An, maybe there are the last who still practice their old Peranakan custom, younger generation tend to be like averages Chinese, speak Mandarin and go to the Chinese school.

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Miss Nyonya Kebaya International Pageant 2008

Ladies in full set Kebaya…

The hunt is on…again. Calling for all ladies in the house! Miss Nyonya Kebaya International Pageant 2008 is coming. Organize by Hotel Equatorial Melaka, this time they are searching for the perfect person to be crown of one of the country ‘s traditional fashion representation. The Classic…The Charming…The Curvy…The…Sexy…and The Sweet Nyonya Kebaya. To be a Nyonya Kebaya is not like a Beauty Pageant. You will not wear all type of fashion, just a Kebaya and the Kebaya history can be traced back more than 500 years ago in Melaka.

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Visit to Le’s Copaque…

Kak Ros, Upin & Ipin and Mei Li

Yesterday after finished meeting at Putrajaya, I and my colleague decided to go to Shah Alam and visit the Le’s Copaque Production. Le’s Copaque Production is now famous with the Upin & Ipin animation. With just 2 years in the industy, Le’s Copaque Production TV series Upin & Ipin was a success and have many fans from the children and teenagers. Upin & Ipin at youtube has already gaining 318,000 views.

At our visit to the Le’s Copaque office at Shah Alam Section 13, we have a chance to meet upin & ipin, kak ros and mei li. They are all fun person to meet and they enjoy meeting you all. The office are full of laughter with very bright colors. They also have a restaurant with their animation trademarks. All Upin & Ipin merchandise are sold here like t-shirt and cap. Now their production is finishing the project Geng The Movie. Geng will be a animation film not a tv series.

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Traveling In the midst of economic crisis

Everyone in the world know what is happen to economy now. The world financial and economic crisis. As we browse through news paper and online report, many develop countries are moving into a downturn with banks collapsed and stock market fall below value. But I as a normal person live in a developing country – Malaysia, does not really feel the impact. Of course if we ask people in Palestine, Iraq or Kabul they will say every year are the same for them, whether the world economy are booming in profit or bankrupt, they have not seen their country bank notes more than 10 years ago , even Banks have been bombed in their place. Have already use to it, small matter they said.

Now Malaysian government also reducing the fuel price and certain large retail store like Tesco is reducing their prices of goods. As of me, salary will be up every year and with the reducing of the prices of goods and fuel, not much the feeling of economic crisis impact. Of course as long as you maintain your normal expenditure. That’s for a government servant, but for a businessman, maybe the answer will be different.

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Come to Melaka this holiday season!

Malaysia school holiday season is coming and as usual Melaka will jammed pack with vehicles from all over Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. The worst traffic will be at Melaka main entrance – Ayer Keroh Tol exit stretch until Ayer Keroh – MITC traffic light. Buses from students and travel agents will queuing at left and right section at both Melaka Zoo and Crocodile Farm. Ayer Keroh are among main tourist favorite spot because of the biggest Zoo in Malaysia, Butterfly Farm, Bee Farm and Malaysian Mini Park are along the road to town. Strategy to develop tourism places at state main entrance prove to be successful to pull out crowd but a little bit congestion from the traffic sometimes will happen.

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